Merel's Mind: Visit the obscure before you go for sun

Merel’s Mind: Visit the obscure before you go for sun

May 22, 2014 |  by  |  Art, Spots
About the author
Hello! My name is Merel. In a different life I would've loved to have my own radio show in the morning or play the drums every night. Instead I became an illustrator & designer. I love drawing, talking and going to museums. If you like my work:

Fortnightly drawings about the daily life in Amsterdam. People going to work, hipsters crying about what choices to make, men living the dream on De Wallen or lost tourists in front of the Anne Frank House.

Summer has finally begun, but before you lose yourself to the shiny rhythm of festivals and hanging in the park, there are some dark places you have to visit first. I drew about the obscure, which we have to celebrate, before we go for sun.

It’s like the countryside, but with biological beers, a band and a bird’s nest for people.

Last Friday I was at De Valreep, a squat in East which unfortunately has to shut down. You love it or you hate it, but it’s definitely worth to visit. At night it’s too dark to recognize your friends, but the fire will lighten up new interesting people. If you’re blessed with hay fever you probably WON’T like it… In that case, here’s another way to exit the daylight: enter DOKA one more time before it closes!! I don’t have to tell you why you should go. It’s just the best spot for your disco moves and they have a lot to offer for the last week. Tonight there’s disco curling (yes, disco curling), and tomorrow Obscura with Mark E, supported by Tettero & Tim Hoeben. The final countdown is Sunday 1 June.

Meanwhile I’ll be going on a long vacation, Merel’s Mind will return in one month.

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