Guests of Honor: Adriatique talk Kingsday in Amsterdam

Guests of Honor: Adriatique talk Kingsday in Amsterdam

Apr 17, 2014 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Few DJs have been on such a rise for the last 12 months like Zurich based Adriatique. As part of the Diynamic family they’ve been touring all over the world and have become a fan favourite for many of us. On Kingsnight they will be playing at ‘De Nachtdivisie’ in the Dhoem Dhaam Warehouse alongside wAFF & Burnski. Perfect excuse to have a quick chat with the two Adrians (they’re both named Adrian hence the name Adriatique, you’d guess) in between their hectic touring schedule.

So you guys will be back in Amsterdam on Kingsnight. You had some amazing shows here and it seems like Amsterdam has really embraced Adriatique over the past year. What’s your craziest memory of Amsterdam?
“You’re right. There hasn’t been a show that hasn’t been really good. One crazy moment in a ‘bad’ way was at the Diynamic Festival last year. We set everything up, made a check and were ready to start. Kollektiv Turmstrasse was just finishing their liveset and we were about to go on. After the applause for them and the introduction for us there was an awkward silence, which definitely wasn’t part of our performance. There was just no music coming out of the speakers. It took a few minutes to get everything running but then it was dope.”

It’s great that you guys will be doing a 3 hour set next week. What’s the main difference when you have some more time for your sets?
“The main difference for us is that you can give yourself and the crowd more time to develop the whole night. You can reach more places in a metaphoric way. The build-up, highs and lows can be way more intense. One time in Berlin we did a marathon set and Adrian (dark) was just mixing with one hand as he needed the other to lean on the booth. He was still rocking it though..”

Looking at your schedule you’ve been in 4 or 5 different continents in just the last 2 months averaging 3 gigs a week? How on earth do you keep up, stay healthy and also find time to make music?
“In this touring process you learn a lot about yourself. Now we know that you have to take breaks and make time for other things. Very important is to eat healthy and get the sleep your body is asking for. Sports are welcome and we try to do that more frequently. The hardest thing is to find quality time for doing music. We are not really good on working on the road and need our studio. Adrian (blond) will be focusing a little more on that.”

Now that we’re talking about music, your musical output has been very solid with some killer releases. I guess being a duo takes another approach in the studio than usual. Can you run us through your process of making a track?
“Most of the time it happens through a snap-shot. Especially Adrian (blond) has these impulses. Then he is like, ok let’s do this. Sometimes it starts with just a concept that gets more precise throughout the whole process. We are doing a lot of grooves, but very few of them survive the first round.”

So we kind of understand the thinking process behind your music, but I’m sure some aspiring producers here would like to know which soft/hardware you use in the studio?
“We’ve been working with Logic since we started doing music. This program is a great learning process. We are using a mixture of hard- and software. At the moment the Prophet 12 is a lot in use. We also have the Moog Voyager or the Korg Monopoly. MPC and M-Base for Drum-related stuff. Plus a lot of UAD and Waves material is in daily use in our studio.”

What’s your favourite track?

What more can we expect in the next couple of months from Adriatique?
“We are working on a lot of music besides touring. A new Diynamic and Cityfox EP are in the pipeline. As well as remixes for Flowers & Sea Creatures and Sin Cos Tan. We are also looking forward to start a remix project for ‘Ane Brun’. Enough ahead of us..”

The most annoying thing about Adrian is?
“That ‘he’ has the same name.”

And to finish with a simple but perhaps the most important question of all. Beatles or Stones?
“Rolling Stones!”

De Nachtdivisie Koningsnacht met ADRIATIQUE, wAFF & BURNSKI

When: Kingsnight – Friday April 25th
Where: Dhoem Dhaam Warehouse
Tickets: € 19.95 – HERE
Info: Facebook


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