DGTL is back to deliver a massive sensory overload

DGTL is back to deliver a massive sensory overload

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Just four more nights of being so excited I can barely sleep and then it’s DGTL time again! That’s right, this Saturday and Sunday DGTL will officially kick off this year’s festival season with their huge get-together at the NDSM-docklands. The weather forecast is looking splendid, but what else is there to expect?


It’s hard to ignore this kind of line-up. I don’t know how they did it, but DGTL managed to somehow convince a big portion of the world’s house and techno all-stars to block their agendas and travel down to the Dam for this weekend. I could start dropping names, but I figure it’s easier if you check out the timetable for yourself. Word of advice, though: that’s more than 80 acts crammed in two days, so you better pack your running shoes.


Then while you’re running around between your favourite house maestros, you should be keeping an eye peeled for some very interesting obstacles. DGTL wants to give you more than just a big line-up, and will saturate the festival grounds with art, performances and other craziness.

DGTL art

Remember last year’s dancing disco ball Bella Berlin getting the crowd crazy during Âme’s closing set? This year you shouldn’t be surprised if you bump into some straight-up steampunk characters. Fire, smoke, lightning, heavy metal thunder; you better prepare for some weird stuff.


At this point it probably won’t surprise you, but DGTL also paid a lot of attention to their stages. All six of them are custom built, not one of them uses a run-of-the-mill festival tent, and that shows. Loaded full of cutting-edge visuals and light-shows these stages will really be something special. I hope you’re clear-headed enough for this sensory overload that’s being promised. Get a good night’s sleep in between, I’d recommend.

stage design 1


And as if all of this wasn’t enough, the DGTL crew can also think long-term thoughts. Under the moniker DGTL Revolution they aim at improving the way the festival is set up with regard to sustainability. This year they focus on plastic trash, and there’ll be special trash collection teams that bring all the plastic waste to the ‘Revolution Factory’, where it will be melted on-site and transformed into new products. Exciting!

Well, my friends, all of this almost sounds impossible to process by just my two ears and eyeballs, but I’ll definitely be giving it a shot this Easter weekend. Be quick if you want to be part of it, there’s only day-tickets left and the campsite has long been sold out.


When: Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 April
Where: NDSM-Docklands
Tickets: €47.50 day-ticket
Info: Website / Facebook


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