Tank tops, tunes, you and Harry

Tank tops, tunes, you and Harry

Apr 14, 2014 |  by  |  Event, Fashion
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I'm a food stylist, like pugs and doomcore and will buy a book twice if I like the edition. My favourite thing about Amsterdam is its windows and a certain house on the gracht where people read and plans are hatched by candlelight.

Sustainable fashion brand and way of life Harry was launched Thursday 10 April at brother and sister store Charlie + Mary. It was a more than a celebration of a pretty new thing to wear; it was the birthday party of our newest friend and the first day of a new way of life.

The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away.

Harry is the message of Annouk Post (YOI), Marieke Vinck and Charlotte van Waes (Charlie + Mary) and is one that each of us can take away by wearing the white Harry tank top and keeping his gift close to our hearts. A lot of fuss over a plain white tank top? Not when you take the time to listen, which is what Harry’s gift is all about. The story goes like so:

Harry’s story

Iconic jazz player Harry gives his granddaughter, Anna, a gift on her birthday, which, as the story plays out, we realise was a gift for life. A white tank top, a favourite of his, wrapped in a blank sheet of music paper. “Imagine your life to be a blank sheet of music. You’re the one to fill it with your own notes,” are his words. As Anna grows up, she learns what ‘finding your tune’ really means. She discovers that the things that make you feel in tune, the things to sing about and which are a gift always to be grateful for, aren’t hard to find. You just have to slow down, look and feel. They’re what make you feel like you and what bring you back to you when you’re out of tune.

Welcome, Harry

And so, there was reason enough to celebrate Harry’s life and message and plenty cause for drinks, music and friends. We drank jazzy cocktails conjured by The Bucketshakers and golden Gulpeners as we float by the Wall of Tunes exhibition, showcasing the captured moments of photographer Dim Balsem: each photo sporting a Harry shirt and a few notes of their own.

If you stay true to your tune, you will end up with a collection of beautiful memories.

If you need a reminder to slow down and enjoy that ray of sun shining on your face and you think a t-shirt might do the trick, you can buy Harry’s gift at www.findyourtune.com as well as the Charlie + Mary store. The shirt, made by People Tree and with ‘Harry’ stitched across the heart, is beautifully boxed and accompanied by an illustrated storybook.

Visit The Gallery Club for the Wall of Tunes exhibition until June 11th and make sure to keep an eye to the calendar for news on inspiring talks and social club nights.


Where: Gerard Doustraat 84
When: Exhibition ends 11 June
Online: Website / Facebook

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