Imagine Film Festival will take you to infinity and beyond

Imagine Film Festival will take you to infinity and beyond

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A film that takes a story beyond realism into the universe of fantasy and imagination is a magical adventure. A storyteller that is able to show you a world, different from the one we live in, is a blissful experience. The child within is reborn and it provides an insight into dimensions you would have never been able to travel to on your own. Well, you might with an extensive collection of hallucinogens or if you are blessed with an elaborate imagination. Sadly, not all of us are sanctified with a mind that can take us far and beyond, but luckily the invention of film provides the ability to take anyone and everyone along for the ride.

Imagine Film Festival

The next few days you can submerge yourself into the world of fantasy film at the 30th anniversary of the Imagine Film Festival. If you enjoy exploring the fine line between reality and fantasy this film festival is the ultimate treat for you. Imagine Film Festival originated thirty years ago at the Weteringschans with the first Weekend of Terror. Now it has grown into a nine-day festival with international guests and an elaborate film programme.

The Night of Terror

The Imagine Film festival has an infamous festival tradition: The Night of Terror. This is the night when refinement is left at home and audience participation reaches legendary heights. Imagine will have it’s Night of Terror again this year, check out the bloodcurdling titles here.

Many more amazing activities have been organized to blow you away! From the Fantastic Science Program, where science and fantasy film cross-fertilize, to a Symposium where Artificial Intelligence Professor Jaap van den Herik and film maker Igor Kramer look at the role of computers in film.

Would you like to visit Imagine, but are you low on green paper? No worries! We here at are giving away 2×2 tickets. Just answer the following question:

Which film director famous for “Edward Scissorhands” and “The Nightmare before Christmas” visited the Imagine Film Festival a couple of years ago?

Know the answer? Let us know by posting the answer under the article on our Facebook page and we will make sure the tickets find their way to your mailbox.

Imagine Film Festival

When: April 9-18
Where: Eye Amsterdam
Tickets: here
Film programme:here

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