Queen Cassy at King's Night

Queen Cassy at King’s Night

Apr 7, 2014 |  by  |  Music
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Normally I interview DJs whom I’ve seen at a gig, and that I’d like to get to know a little better. This time I had the opportunity to interview Cassy. I’ve never seen her at a gig before, but as far as I’m concerned she sure has some personality. Cassy is one of the most famous female DJs in the world. She has her own club night in Berghain and she travels all over the world to perform on stage amongst others such as Ricardo Villalobos. This King’s Night, NGHTDVSN will bring her to Amsterdam. Enough reason to chat and talk about this upcoming event.

Hi Cassy, it’s great that you’re coming to Amsterdam!
“Indeed, I’m really looking forward to it. I lived in Amsterdam for a short time, so it’s nice to be back!”

Are you familiar with King’s Day?
“Yeah, I know what it is. I haven’t been on Queen’s Day when I lived in Amsterdam though. But it’s supposed to be one big madness so I heard. I think there isn’t anything like this in any other country!”

So tell me about the gig.
“Well, it’s going to be awesome! The location is very raw in this big old barn. I’m playing amongst some very talented guys such as Tale of Us and East End Dubs. It’ll be an awesome experience. As a DJ you never know what to expect, you don’t know who’s coming and what the vibe will be like. But I’m really looking forward, I think it’s going to be a good one.”

Now Cassy, you’ve obviously seen a lot of the world already, and you’ve got a big list of clubs you played in and hits you made. Do you have any goals left?
“On top of my bucket list is travelling through Africa. Just as a tourist, not for my music. I’d love to go there some day.”

And if it comes to making music?
“I’m working on some music now, I’m planning on releasing some of that. I don’t know if it’s going to be an album or something, I can’t really say that just jet. And I’m busy with my gigs. I’m touring a lot.”

The DJ scene obviously is a men’s world. How do you stand tall as a woman?
“Energy sucking, that’s basically what it is. I have a good team of guys working for me, which I’m super happy with. That helps a lot.”

I saw your Skype status is ‘Holiday’. Are you really on holiday? Or is that just the way you feel?
“Oh no, I forgot to turn that into normal. It’s still from January, wish I was though!”

Come and see Cassy at King’s Night in Roest!

Kingsnight Warehouse

Where: Amsterdam Roest
More info: Facebook event
Tickets: Here


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