KIEKIE’s bday bash; let’s dance Five.6.7.8.

KIEKIE’s bday bash; let’s dance Five.6.7.8.

Feb 20, 2014 |  by  |  Event, Photos
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Every photography lover in Amsterdam unerringly knows the way to FotoLab Kiekie, the best photography specialist in town. Last year they started Fotokrant KIEKIE, a free paper about new projects and upcoming talents, and now it’s time to celebrate KIEKIE’s first birthday. What better place to celebrate your birthday than at the Melkweg?

Award-winning artists

Fotokrant KIEKIE asked six talented photographers to make a photo series about ‘dance’. One of my favourites is Robin de Puy, last year’s winner of the National Portrait prize. She made a series about the voluptuous Cuban dancegroup Danza Voluminosa. The other photographers are Carla Kogelman (this year’s winner in the World Press Photo Observing Portraits stories category), Sanja Marusic, Adrian Woods & Gidi van Maarseveen en Simon Wald-Lasowski. The exposition with the five series is called Five.6.7.8., they all portray dance in a different way.

You can’t have a birthday party without music and dancing. The dancing is of course partly covered by the photos. During the opening tomorrow, photography duo Landeweerd & van de Griendt will take place behind the decks to play some music. The unicorns of Paardenkracht will be there with their famous photo booth to also put you on camera, dancing.

KIEKIE and Melkweg would like to draw some attention to dance4life. They’re using dancing as a way to inform young people all over the world about HIV/AIDS. Because KIEKIE wants to support this, all photographers will donate one of their photos to dance4life. Five.6.7.8. will hang in the Melkweg Galerie from the 21st ‘till the 23th of February.


When: February 21-23
Where: Melkweg Galerie, Lijnbaansgracht 234
Online: website

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