Merel's Mind: 2014, year of the bush!

Merel’s Mind: 2014, year of the bush!

Feb 19, 2014 |  by  |  Art
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Hello! My name is Merel. In a different life I would've loved to have my own radio show in the morning or play the drums every night. Instead I became an illustrator & designer. I love drawing, talking and going to museums. If you like my work:

Fortnightly drawings about the daily life in Amsterdam. People going to work, hipsters crying about what choices to make, men living the dream on De Wallen or lost tourists in front of the Anne Frank House.

If I can trust my own research and the internet, there are about 110 wax salons in Amsterdam. I have no idea if that’s a lot, but I think I have bad news for them; if we believe The Guardian, this is the year of the bush.

Singer Stella Bergsma told Volkskrant Magazine that she’s very proud of her pubic hair, and every woman should embrace the wonderful feeling of a hairy downstairs. She also refers to American Apparel’s new mannequins, which I found out about earlier that week. A friend of mine made a picture of an American Apparel window in New York and posted it on Facebook: the mannequins were proudly showing their bush (and nipples!). I’m actually a fan of these dolls and will be walking around American Apparel in Amsterdam, hoping to see them for myself. It’ll do Amsterdam good.

But for now I hope I can help you – all women – to make a choice for yourself: bald or bush?

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