The beautiful HungryPeople

The beautiful HungryPeople

Feb 13, 2014 |  by  |  Food
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I'm a food stylist, like pugs and doomcore and will buy a book twice if I like the edition. My favourite thing about Amsterdam is its windows and a certain house on the gracht where people read and plans are hatched by candlelight.

Even before Facebook changed its relationship status to ‘with advertisers’ and accepted a friend request from the US National Security Agency, there has been muttering that an alternative is needed. July 2011: enter Google+, substantial numbers of Facebook users exit. One week later: disgruntled users return having realised that none of their friends actually use Google+. Disgruntled Facebook users placate themselves by posting beautiful pictures of food they’ve instagrammed but haven’t necessarily made or even eaten. Someone spots vacuum that needs to be filled. February 2013: HungryPeople, is launched.

Social food network

The socially minded HungryPeople provides the place to collect and share recipes from and amongst your friends and the to-do-with-food brands you wish were your friends (or wish, at any rate, that you could cook like). Follow the HungryPeople blog in order to stay in the culinary loop and read the gems cast out by restaurants, chefs, food bloggers and the likes of Bilder & De Clerq, Six & Sons and SLA to name but a few of the names one mentions nowadays. Build up your own recipe-bank and snoop on, sorry, enjoy that of others.

HungryPeople hopes to become the network for food enthusiasts who go beyond instagramming and actually cook and eat.

It’s all for a good cause other than all that is good about consuming and discussing the consumption of good food because for every recipe uploaded to the network, HungryPeople makes a small donation to charities like Oxfam and The Hunger Project. Oh, and the site is fully integrated with Facebook so all your friends posting under #weatethis can eat their hearts out.

HungryPeople is an initiative of Koen Zwaan and Maurice Seleky.

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