Back to basics with Steve Rachmad's first marathon set

Back to basics with Steve Rachmad’s first marathon set

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There’s a lot you can do in ten hours. Fly back and forth to Sochi, watch all the disciplines of the Winter Olympics (yes, even curling) or paint your hotel in all the colours of the rainbow. This Saturday you’ve got another option: a Steve Rachmad marathon. For the first time in his impressive career, the Amsterdam based DJ will play for ten hours straight at the first edition of Keep it Simple, the première of his personally organised kis. night at Studio 80.

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The key is keeping the audience surprised for ten hours.


“I have no clue how I’m going to experience playing for ten hours. There will be ups, and some downs for sure,” Steve explains. Even though he’s been around the scene for quit a while, “I started buying my first records when I was twelve, so you could say I’ve been at it for more then thirty years”, Rachmad has never played a set longer then six hours straight. “I think the key is diversity, keeping the audience surprised for ten hours.”


Rachmad fans that are hoping for hours of dark techno, be warned: this is definitely not going to be one of those nights. Expect a nostalgic Rachmad taking a trip down memory lane. “I want to go back to the era that inspired me the most: the eighties. Back in the days when I listened to the Radio Pirate broadcast in Amsterdam I had my first set-up in my bedroom, and I copied every beat on my drum computer. From a young age on I’ve been deep into electronic music. I started out listening to disco and house, but when I was dj-ing professionally the scene changed. I got less friendly and more aggressive.”

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People are more open minded nowadays.

Open minded

Last summer when Steve did a disco set at Shoeless on Magneet, ‘people reacted enthusiastic’. “I feel that the audience is more open minded nowadays. They’re not just into minimal or techno anymore, they like all sorts of electronic music.” If it’s up to him, that’s going to be the vibe this Saturday: “A cosy, busy dance floor filled with people that are simply having a good time.” And yes, even though he did Berghain last month, he still feels a bit nervous about his first marathon set. “Good thing it’s at Studio 80, my second living room. It’s small, comfortable and feels like home. I wouldn’t have done it at any other club in Amsterdam.”


Of course he is aware of the fact that he’s taking a risk: a famous techno DJ going disco. “I’m just going to put myself out there. The few eighties-feel sets I’ve done before were all well received.” Since he’s been around for such a long time, Rachmad feels he needs to try new things. “I’m always surprised that some DJs can do the same thing for decades.” What this set is going to be exactly, will remain a mystery until Saturday, even for Steve himself. “I’m a emotional DJ and I never know which records I’m going to play until I’m behind the decks. I might even lay down two records so I can choose which is going to be the first at the very last moment.”


When: February 15
Where: Studio 80, Amsterdam
Tickets: Pre-sale €13 | Door sale €15
More info: Event page

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