Amsterdam Fashion Week: Flying sideways with Edwin Oudshoorn

Amsterdam Fashion Week: Flying sideways with Edwin Oudshoorn

Feb 4, 2014 |  by  |  Fashion
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Leonor (25), is a fashion stylist and portrait photographer. She wants to create images and stories which are unknown to the spectator. She's curious, observing, dreaming, listening to (techno) music a lot and tries to find a good balance between heaven and earth.

Designer Edwin Oudshoorn presented his couture collection in an improvised sculpted forest scenery. He states that striving to perfection is like accentuating the perfect body shape of a woman as a caged nightingale. Before the show began, sounds of birds singing filled the air, to give us the illusion that we’re in a Garden of Eden I guess. The visitors were placed around small tables, with little name cards and filled champagne glasses. Let the show begin!

Fool’s paradise

With the appearance of the first mannequin in the runway’s skyline, I was impressed by her innocent beauty and stunning short white couture dress. I actually felt we were entering paradise now. One after another showed their beautiful dresses with detailed bead artwork.

The collection was build up by flattering, layered fabric dresses, in light colour tones and naked backs.

From here, the collection changes slightly into more corset pieces, with the extremely feared wasp waist corset. Oudshoorn finishes with unexpected fabric choices he presented in a few of his dress designs. Here, the big square dessins jumped into sight; I know they’re HOT in fashion paradise since last season, but is the square pattern design ready for implementation with a couture dress tinted in hard yellow, green and red? The beautiful fit of the dress relativizes the unexpected fabric choice to me. He keeps us fooled!

Oudshoorn shows us that searching for boundaries can be very daring in this couture fashion segment. He succeeded to fly a little sideways in this nightingale cage, which is very admiring. He didn’t go too far in my opinion, he just slightly touched the cage bars. A circumvent paradise which was quiet misleading, but wonderful work at the same time.

Photos by Leonor von Salisch.

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