Local Rockstars: Mister Freeky unites twisted minds in Amsterdam

Local Rockstars: Mister Freeky unites twisted minds in Amsterdam

Jan 29, 2014 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Mister Freeky is our new best friend in town. An animal who comes to take over parties and injects everybody with pure adrenaline. Mister Freeky is the kind of driver you know doesn’t bring you to the expected destination, but to a way better place, unexpectedly. This guy allows you to experience the night that you daydream about. We managed to meet up with the man, and ask him a few questions about his forthcoming Freeky Night this Friday.

Mr. Freeky, let’s start with a superficial game. I’ll give you a word and you’ll give me your first association.
Party – “Freeky Nights”
Club – “Dhoem Dhaam Warehouse”
After – “At my place”
Alcohol – “To spark the fire”
House – “Building one and having it explode on the 31st of January”
Sex – “Anywhere, anyplace, anytime”
Techno – “Clapping, dancing, sweating”
Drugs – “Last man standing policy”
Religion – “Christian”
Tinder – “Hunt me down”
Sport – “Lacrosse”
Book – “Naked Lunch – William S. Burroughs”
Guilty pleasure – “Welcome to my life”

So, who is this Mr. Freeky I’ve been hearing a lot about lately?
“Mister Freeky has always been out there. People just weren’t looking for it enough. Now that I’m hosting my first legal party the gossip starts. The spunk spreads when people don’t know what they’re talking about. But I like spunk, so I don’t mind.”

What does a day in the life of the Mr. Freeky look like?
“My daily routine starts with taking care of local elderly people, feeding and entertaining them. I mostly do this after a breakfast consisting of oranges and Red Bull. After work, I find where the party is in Amsterdam and look for some fellow Freeks to join me. If that doesn’t work out, I don’t give a rats ass and throw a party myself.”

Any idea on how you become who you are?
“My parents were a main inspiration. At birth the doctors were surprised that I survived because my intestines were twisted. This is responsible for the fact that I can take or do pretty much everything with my body. After finding out about this, I started to experiment with multiple chemicals that aren’t class A or B drugs. Just stimulants for the brain because my body doesn’t need anything anymore.”

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Can you relate to any other specific freaks? Do you have an idol or someone you look up to?
“I have some music idols like Pete Doherty or Jim Morrison. These guys have inspired me to do the thing that isn’t the paved road that everybody takes. Think free and feel free. In the electronic music scene it’s Carlos Valdes, San Proper and Awanto3 who inspired me a lot. With their out of the box thinking and acting they’re an absolute must for my party this Friday.”


What would be the anthem for your life?
“Macy Gray – Do Something, because it tells you to get high on the one hand and get your shit together on the other. Electronically the best track ever made is Floorplan – Baby Baby. The James Brown ‘Get Down’ sample isn’t even finished but still you feel the Freeky get down vibe of it.”

In three days you are throwing us a party, why did you feel the urge to do this?
“The urge isn’t there. I don’t do things out of urge. I do this ’cause I felt Amsterdam needed it. The level of seriousness in the Amsterdam party scene was just too high not to throw this kind of party.”

Who should come?
“Freeks and everybody with legs that can bring you to the Dhoem Dhaam Warehouse. I want to do a major shout-out to the people who take the party scene too serious. They can finally experience something different.”

Who shouldn’t come?
“I don’t do fan discrimination.”

What can we expect at this get-together on January 31st?
“Anything you’ve been looking for that wasn’t there. Plus a super-organised party because I’ve known what I want for such a long time. There are going to be some surprises but the main focus is on the music that is high quality. And this all happens in a warehouse full of art and creativity during the night.”


When: Friday January 31st, 23:00 – open end
Where: Dhoem Dhaam, Amsterdam
Tickets: €10,00 – here
More infoFacebook event

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