Guests of Honor: Arjuna Schiks & Einmusik, a long distance bromance

Guests of Honor: Arjuna Schiks & Einmusik, a long distance bromance

Jan 29, 2014 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Arjuna Schiks is no stranger to party people in Amsterdam; some call him Amsterdam’s favourite hippie. He’s been delivering smiles and energy to the melodic house and techno scene for years now. In 2014, the man is getting serious about expanding his success abroad, with some help of his buddy Einmusik. An electronic musician who took the ladder step by step to become the producer, live-act and label boss that he is now.

After being friends for years, you will do a b2b live-set at Komm schon Alter on February 8th. How is it to be working together as friends?
Arjuna: “Working together feels really good; there’s a good musical connection, which is very important if you want to play b2b as live-acts. I just released a new EP on Samuel’s (Einmusika) label where we also did a track together. We didn’t think about a b2b ourselves but Komm schon Alter proposed the idea, and we’re actually really excited ’cause it’s not very common to connect two live-sets.”
Einmusik: “It’s very comfortable to work with a friend who knows your style and your music. I’m sure Arjuna and me will have a lot of fun with this new performance.”

How do you prepare for such a performance together?
Arjuna: “We already checked how it will work technically and we prepared something special. I think we will challenge each other live, and end up in a different direction than we would when playing solo.”
Einmusik: “Of course it’s a challenge to match our styles and it’s new for us to dissolve the live-sets we usually play. We’ll bring up a mixture of new and older sounds and it’ll be as surprising for us as it is for you.”

Arjuna’s tracks have been released under the Einmusika label, and now your latest collaboration ‘Beege’ is out on the Dansen Fransen EP. What was the inspiration and how did the making of the track evolve?
Einmusik: “We finished the Dansen Fransen EP in Berlin. It’s always good to talk face to face about arrangements and new tools. We are both self-critical musicians. Beege was a project we talked about for a long time… In the end we simply did it.”
Arjuna: “We wanted to make a track together for quite some time and since I joined his agency last year we thought this was the perfect timing to work on something special together. We ended up working in Samuel’s studio in Berlin and worked for 3 days to complete Beege.”

What do each of you find interesting about each other’s music?
Arjuna: “I really like the constant funky flow in Samuel’s music. In combination with melodies and ethnical influences it’s the perfect package.”
Einmusik: “I am deeply impressed with Arjuna’s melodies and the way he brings them into a dance context. Only a few producers are able to do this.”

Any colleague DJ/producers you can specifically appreciate or relate to at the moment?
Arjuna: “There are many artist I really like actually. To name a few Dutch ones: Satori, Mees Dierdorp and Weval.”
Einmusik: “For me the whole Innervisions crew, which is mainly working in Berlin, is an inspiration. I love the way they’re doing music in an independent way.”

What was your latest genius discovery that you can share (artist or track)?
Arjuna: “I recently saw Darkside perform at Het Concertgebouw during ADE. They totally blew me away! Goosebumps!”
Einmusik: “I think it was the set Dixon did during ADE. It was special, and really the first time in a long long time somebody got me dance.”

By now you’ve played at many different venues and parties. What are the key factors for a perfect party and how do you feel about performing for an older (24+) audience this time?
Arjuna: “I think it’s nice to play for an older crowd ’cause they’re generally a bit more into the music. The most important things are always a good sound system, a crowd full of energy and a great vibe!”

Komm schon Alter V

When: Saturday February 8th, 23:00 – 05:00
Where: Dhoem Dhaam Warehouse, Amsterdam
Tickets: €17,50 – here
More infoFacebook event


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