Local Rockstars: Alex Salvador about house capturing the essence of love

Local Rockstars: Alex Salvador about house capturing the essence of love

Jan 16, 2014 |  by  |  Music
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Whether you went out last weekend to check out an uber-geeky beat magician or a depressingly awesome indie rock band, we all know there’s always some serious musical talents rocking around the Dam. You might not recognize them all yet, but don’t worry, you will soon. In this series of interviews we talk to remarkable artists about their music and their inspirations.

Every kid that loves house music could definitely like Alex Salvador from Tomorrow Is Now, Kid!. The label, also known for its legendary parties, recently had its fourth birthday, which gave me an opportunity to interview Alex. After talking for a while two things became perfectly clear: Alex really has a warm love for house music and he has a pretty cool studio.

Game. Word. Association. Go.
Party: “Capturing a moment in time.”
Club: “Dark.”
Shuffle: “iPod.”
House: “Feeling.”
Sex: “Feeling, hard.”
Drugs: “Fun.”
Rock ‘n roll: “Drugs.”
Beer: “Tasty.”
Traktor: “Agriculture.”
Techno: “Detroit.”
Festival: “Joy.”

What’s the best kept secret place in Amsterdam?
Red Light Records from Red Light Radio. They have a great record selection and the staff is great. Almost every time I’m there I buy something. It’s really worth going there.”

Let’s say that I’m supposed to go out tonight but suddenly I’m extremely tired. What track should I listen to get in back to life in a party mood?
“It would definitely be a house track! House has a certain energy and a good house track really captures the essence of love. You see, music is frequency, frequency is energy, and energy is something you can actually feel and wake you up. At this moment I would go for the Mystipsychotix Mix from I’m Not Dreaming by KCYC. It has a really nice vibe at the beginning and then… BAM.”

I think I’d rather go out after hearing this instead of finishing this interview. So Bye.

First Alex plays the track on his laptop but the sound just doesn’t cut it so we move to his studio where there’s an amazing sound system and the difference is extreme. Better listen to this with quality headphones or something, guys.

It’s a cliché question but I’ll still ask it. Has your Tomorrow Is Now, Kid! experience changed since you first started?
“At first I knew absolutely nothing. In the beginning when we started the label I looked at what other organisations were doing a lot but in 2011 we really started doing what I wanted. When I look back I see a logical progression. I learned that I personally need a process for everything. I accepted that these things take time which gave me peace and the ability to focus better.”

Tomorrow Is Now, Kid! is inspired on your dad’s label TINK!, I did my research. Doesn’t this add some pressure?
“I can still remember the smell of my dad’s studio where I grew up. Of course working with my dad created some tension but it also brought us closer together as adults. In our father-son relationship 80% of the time we spend together is work-related. We’ve had some collisions along the way but that’s been good because it made us think about what we truly wanted and what we are doing.”

House gets more popular every day. How the hell do you stay original?
“You stay original when you are original and stay true to your original value. Don’t change because you think it will create more attention. Indicate what you stand for the first moment and you’ll attract the right people that go for it completely. Holding on to the essence, while keeping an open mind for diversity and progression. I believe that is the key.”

Any exciting releases coming up soon?
“We’re working with Times Are Ruff, Fabio Monesi, Garrett David, Andy Vaz, Zare amongst others. So yes, new records are on their way!”

This Saturday another Tomorrow Is Now, Kid! party is coming up in Studio 80. What can we expect?
“It’s the most sophisticated and fun line-up we have ever presented. Because we have extended opening hours it allows us to be more diverse than ever before. All DJs play long sets so you can really get into the music and enjoy a full night of dancing and prancing.”

Feature image by Manouk Quint.

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