Mixtape Monday: Eargasm by John Wolff

Mixtape Monday: Eargasm by John Wolff

Jan 13, 2014 |  by  |  Music
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Rob is 28 (but needs his beard to actually look like it), loves music, adventures and spontaneous people. His scribblings are about these things too, so if you share his interests, stay tuned!

A mixtape from an Amsterdam based DJ every Monday to kick-start your new week. Archive here.

This mixtape John Wolff made is a journey from deep, warm melodies to short raw tones. The 1 hour set starts at 120 bpm and at the end it passes 125. It will guide you by the hand through a mixture of emotions. John traded a lifestyle of potentially becoming a professional football player and the ambiance of football stadiums to that of night clubs, festivals and after party sessions. Purely because this is where his passions and ambitions lie: making music, playing records and sharing this with friends, dance floors and any other likeminded people.

Tracks from H.O.S.H., Ten Walls, Monkey Safari and even two of my own pass by. Sit down, turn up the volume and enjoy…

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