Local Rockstars: Mees Dierdorp, subtle swings and spherical elements

Local Rockstars: Mees Dierdorp, subtle swings and spherical elements

Jan 10, 2014 |  by  |  Music
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Mees Dierdorp has been creating waves beyond boundaries from the moment he started composing music – and his broad love of the artistic side of the spectrum shines through on his new album, Wild Window. Experimenting with poetry, soul, improvisational acoustics and modern dance sounds, it was about time we had a chat with this notable artist and rising producer.

Who is Mees Dierdorp and what does he exactly do? Also, it’s an interesting name, where did it come from?
“He’s a breathing animal which uses his senses, feelings, thoughts and any tangible element to make sounds in any form. Mees is just a name my parents came up with. A stamp on your being when you’re born and a sound you react to when someone calls out for you. I wear it with proud though, I’m a lucky man with such a lovely family.”

You produced many deep and melodic tracks over the past years. Your sound seemed to be more neo-trancy, but the album definitely sounds ‘different’. How do you feel your music evolved, and what’s your favourite style?
“I like to create a bridge between the dance-floor and the living room. Subtle swings and spherical elements can create a vibe suitable to lose yourself, but also listen to the created vibes carefully; be inspired, touched in any way, while drifting off to previously unknown territories. When I play live the moment and movements decide which way my set goes. I have some harder productions already reaching out for the floors, made with that driving energy. Edgy and dirty, un-mees-like people would expect. But life is full of different emotions (sounds), expressions and styles, even in one individual.”

Do you prefer to spend time in the studio or performing?
“I learned a balance is much needed here: when I was working on the album, I was delighted when I was ready to play again. But on times I was performing much, I didn’t have any studio time: I had no room to express my everyday experiences, ideas and devoted feelings in the studio. And of course, I always want to surprise myself and others by playing new, unheard material on great sound-systems.”

In what kind of setting does your music sound best?
“This is multifaceted: you can listen to it by yourself, caught in the moment and drift away (on the bike for example, but be careful now!), during a swing on the dance-floor when the low bass is driving your hips and heart, or settle with some friends in a chilling environment, enlightened by poetry and live improvisation. Like I said, I like to create bridges, it taps into one of the exceptional abilities of the human psyche.”

How long did you work on your album? You crowd-funded it, right?
“I’ve worked on the songs and the story composition for the past two years. The crowd-funding was an experimental way to sell a product before it was produced. I was very excited when it turned out well: my friends, fans and family collected 121% of the funds needed! Very grateful with such loving people surrounding me, I hope they’ll like the result!”

What’s the story you’re trying to tell with Wild Window?
“Don’t catch yourself sitting behind the glass for too long: open a window, live wild, put your thoughts and feelings into actions. Next to this ‘purpose’, behind a window there’s always another story/world, right? So in that sense, there’s much more to come; this album is just a sneak peak, an introduction to future projects and my vision on music and life.”

Working with other artists really puts me on the edge, and sometimes kicks you over those boundaries HARD, towards a different and exciting reality.

So, where do you find your inspiration? I noticed you worked with lots of different musicians on the record.
“Inspiration is everywhere; raindrops falling on concrete, trees colouring the autumn, beautiful women worrying about their hair. Working with different artists sometimes is hard for an electronic producer. On your own you can live out your dream in your studio, with more artists you have to enter the same vibe, stay on the same red line and communicate your thoughts and feelings. Although it’s difficult sometimes, I always learn so much from collaborating.”

Tell me more about your own label.
“MEES Records consists of artists who mostly educate themselves. In the creative world, there’s no school that can teach how things should be done, in contrary: this could build up walls which prevent you to look beyond. When I send out demo’s from my album to other labels, they were very enthusiastic, but always wanted parts of it for an EP: Hero on Edge and Smile for You for example. But I made this album to highlight many aspects of human feelings and thoughts, to remain with a whole story: combining poetry in Turnin Taboo, jazzy improvisation in Wild Window… That’s when we decided to release this album on our own platform. Art from the heart for the mind.”

Finally, What will 2014 bring you? Any surprises?
“2014 started with a booking in Ibiza’s Circo Loco @ DC10, featuring Sven Väth, Shonky and many other great artists. An absolute highlight in my Wild Window tour. Next to that I’ve made some fine contacts with labels in Berlin and oversees for upcoming EP’s, collaborations and side projects. Always open for new paths, 2014 will be full of surprises for you ánd me.”

Featured image by Janwillemgroen.nl

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