Merel's Mind: Best party of 2013?

Merel’s Mind: Best party of 2013?

Jan 8, 2014 |  by  |  Art
About the author
Hello! My name is Merel. In a different life I would've loved to have my own radio show in the morning or play the drums every night. Instead I became an illustrator & designer. I love drawing, talking and going to museums. If you like my work:

Fortnightly drawings about the daily life in Amsterdam. People going to work, hipsters crying about what choices to make, men living the dream on De Wallen or lost tourists in front of the Anne Frank House.

I was thinking about drawing something new, fresh, really ‘new-yeary’. Maybe something about all the flabbergasting, mind-blowing, EXTREMELY happy New Year’s Eve celebrations. But, let’s face it: the best party of 2013 is still in everybody’s head. Although it’s already a week and a half ago, I’m still jumping around the room when I think about 28 December 2013, F*CK NYE.

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