Sit back and watch the best films of 2013 at Kriterion

Sit back and watch the best films of 2013 at Kriterion

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The new year has just begun. But before we can embrace all the new things that are about to happen, we have to say goodbye to the good stuff of 2013. That’s why Cineville and Kriterion are showing the top eight films of 2013, so put on some comfortable clothes and come to Kriterion this Sunday to watch 2013’s finest for the last time on the big screen.

Best films of 2013

Cineville and Kriterion asked people to vote for their favourite film of 2013, which resulted in the following list:

1. La Grande Bellezza
2. La Vie d’Adèle
3. Django Unchained
4. Spring Breakers
5. Borgman
6. The Master
7. Blue Jasmine
8. The Act of Killing

Watching eight films in a row is even for the die-hard film lover a bit too much. That’s why there’ll be four rounds with each two films to choose from. And because a rumbling stomach during the film is a big no-go, Cousine will make sure this won’t happen. There will also be live music during dinner, as a part of Kriterion’s Sunday Sessions. And to start the New Year by cleaning out your closet, bring your old DVD’s to the DVD exchange market!

We’re giving away a film and food arrangement for two, so if you don’t want to miss out on this one just send us an email at and we’ll pick a winner tomorrow.

The best films of 2013

When: January 5th, 2014
Where: Kriterion
Program: Here
Tickets: €7,- per film, 3 for €18,-, €20,- for a marathon ticket
Reservations: Call Kriterion at 020 623 17 08

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