O'Neill's mission to help the world #RIDEMORE

O’Neill’s mission to help the world #RIDEMORE

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Mark Visbeek is a designer, musician, superstar, and loves illeism. Always looking to create beautiful things, I'm often distracted by the amazing stuff happening around me. My most important weapons are limitless amounts of love and a faux-French accent.

Whether your weapon of choice is snow, water or concrete, a true rider can’t help but see the city in slopes, pipes and rails. Did you ever walk across a bridge on Herengracht daydreaming about 50:50’ing the handrail on your way to work? Can you imagine yourself landing a massive 1080 off the NEMO museum? Because every day can’t be a bluebird day, some days the best riding is in your hometown. O’Neill invites you to join their mission to help the world #RIDEMORE.

Get creative

#RIDEMORE is about finding alternative ways to ride wherever you are. To find different terrain, to step outside the ordinary, and most of all – be creative. So get exploring and upload a picture of your dream riding spot. Tag it with #RIDEMORE #CITYNAME, and at the end of the season O’Neill may make it rideable with a truckload of real snow. Also, each week one of the most original entries will be rewarded with O’Neill gear.

Hopefully the quarterpipe and I will meet again on a snowy day.

So what’s this thing pictured above, you might ask? Dutch snowboarder Dimi de Jong found it while walking around the city: “Since I am specialized in riding halfpipe and transition, I’m always looking out for organic shapes in urban areas. I was quite surprised when I stumbled upon this massive quarterpipe in Amsterdam once, and I pictured myself riding it immediately. It’s a work of art placed by the city council that really looks like it’s made by somebody that shares a passion for snowboarding just as much as I do, and I cannot imagine myself just passing it by and NOT thinking of doing an air over that gap in the middle of the obstacle. Hopefully the quarterpipe and I will meet again on a snowy day.”

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to join the ride… Visit the #RIDEMORE page and get crackin’, because who needs a mountain?


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