Art up your wall at Beelddragers X10

Art up your wall at Beelddragers X10

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Fancy pants galleries; Amsterdam has plenty of them. They have a couple of things in common: a big empty space, an arty-farty owner with glasses and an ear deafening silence. So instead of going in, I usually hang around outside to look at expensive art through the window. But not this weekend. At Beeldragers X10 you can check out brand new work from young artists and maybe even buy a piece to art up your wall.

Beelddragers has love for images and its maker

“Images are for everyone, but not everyone can afford to buy them. Most galleries are scary, prices are too high and a lot of art is inapprehensible,” Tjade Bouma explains. Together with Eva Bremer and Brenda Verduijn he established Beelddragers three years ago; a platform for talent with love for images and its maker. At Toren Overhoeks they’ll host the second edition of Beelddragers X10, opening this Thursday with drinks, music and of course art.

Thomas van Linge

Ten stories, ten images

For the last ten months, Beelddragers asked young and upcoming artist to share their inspiration and create a unique image for this exhibition. They were all free to choose their own medium and way of expression. Eva: “We interviewed the artists and wrote down their stories. Images come to life when you hear the story behind it. You understand where their inspiration is coming from and look at the same image with different eyes.”

These artists are promising, talented and inspiring.

From imitation Delft Blue to a lost son of the Rockefeller clan, from an incomprehensible unification theory to a proud Nollywood actor; artists Dennis Duijnhouwer, Adriana Bogdanova, Thijs Zweers, La Bolleur, Thomas van Linge, Father Futureback, Ola Lanko, David de Jong, Dayna Casey en Roselien Beerten all came up with different stories. Tjade: “What they have in common is that they are promising, talented and inspiring.”

Affordable price

The exhibition displays and sells the Beelddragers images together with the story for €50 a piece. Eva: “We want to give young artists the chance to show and sell their work, and give young art lovers the chance to buy their first unique image for an affordable price. Most people can afford to spend €50. It’s what you might pay for a pair of jeans.”

So if your jeans still fit, and an empty wall is staring at you… it might be a good idea to check out Beelddragers X10 this weekend. Who knows, you might purchase the next Mondriaan for just a few tenners.

Beelddragers X10

When: Thursday 28 November – Sunday 1 December
Where: Toren Overhoeks, Amsterdam
More info: Facebook event

Moonbeams And Wonderjoints © Father Futureback

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