My Town My Tracks, Arjuna Schiks, Olivier Weiter and Miss Melera about Amsterdam

My Town My Tracks, Arjuna Schiks, Olivier Weiter and Miss Melera about Amsterdam

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In the campaign ‘My Town My Tracks’ three creatives from different cities around the globe talk about their favourites around town. Tokyo was up first, but this time around Onitsuka Tiger looked towards the low lands and asked three DJs for their story: Olivier Weiter, Miss Melera and Arjuna Schiks. They talk about their Amsterdam favourites below, but check out the Tokyo version of the campaign first:

Concertgebouw by Olivier Weiter

I moved to Amsterdam seven years ago so I consider myself a real Amsterdammer. Whenever I come back from a gig or a vacation via Schiphol or by train, it always feels like coming home. The club culture and the creative people are also the one of the big reasons I went into DJing; if I grew up somewhere else like a small town in the Veluwe I don’t think I’d ever have become a DJ.

Later this year I will perform in Het Concertgebouw as a support act for Sven Väth, my big hero and inspirator. Because of him I started DJing. Together with Paradiso I think Het Concertgebouw is the most beautiful building in Amsterdam. I’ve already played in Paradiso so right now this one’s on top of my favourite locations list! It’ll be very different from the times that I visited it with my parents for a normal concert there, but I’m really looking forward to it.


Miss Melera about Olivier Weiter’s house

I actually live in Haarlem but I spend a lot of my weekends in Amsterdam because of the gigs I have. When I’m in Amsterdam I prefer Roel’s (Olivier Weiter) house over any public or famous location. It just feels like my 2nd home and I like hanging there and doing my thing. It’s so much better to have someone around even when your both working on your own stuff on a laptop, it motivates me and for some reason I always find the best music for my sets when I’m at his place. In twenty years I still see myself in Haarlem and commuting to Amsterdam, but you never know! I love living in the city but sometimes it’s a little bit too busy for me. Living in Haarlem and working in Amsterdam is the perfect compromise.


Arjuna Schiks about Noorderlicht

Noorderlicht on the banks of ‘t IJ and the edge of the NDSM docks is one of the best places in Amsterdam for a nice chill-out session in the summer. The people are always friendly and the view is not bad either. Especially in the summer I love to go there. Its name is Dutch for Aurora, the polar lights, which might just be the most impressive and inspiring natural phenomenon I can think of.

When I was asked if I feel like a real Amsterdammer I have to admit I never thought about it. I was born and raised here and I can’t even imagine living somewhere else. I’ve never had to consider thinking of myself as anything but one, so I guess I’m almost a super-Amsterdammer! I do love the combination of the peace and quiet of Amsterdam north with the business of the city though. Since I grew up in North, going back there to visit my mom always feels like coming home and it often helps me find some much needed rest.

Amsterdam definitly also inspires my music, those spaced out hippie melodies have to come from somewhere! I even named a track after the street I grew up in, Stoombootweg in North.

Arjuna bij Noorderlicht


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