Go darker and deeper with WEITER #2

Go darker and deeper with WEITER #2

Nov 18, 2013 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Not a lot of DJs can get away with naming a party after themselves. But Olivier Weiter is one of the lucky few. He proved so last year in Paradiso, filling the holy temple of pop with sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. And he’s doing it again, this Saturday. Only WEITER #2 is going to be darker, and deeper…


“I’ve come a long way since last year,” Weiter explains. “The feeling of the first WEITER edition was sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Very much in your face. Of course that’s still a part of me, but I’ve also gained a lot of experience over the last year. My music has become darker and deeper. That’s why the second edition is going to be more mysterious. There’ll be a dark tribal sauce poured over the entertainment part; big birds and masks. It’ll be more about the music this year.”

I’d like people to come for the Weiter experience.


Big chance you’ve seen Weiter and his famous hat somewhere over the past year, be it in a dodgy basement in Berlin or at a huge festival; he’s done a lot of touring. “In that period of time I’ve gone more progressive. My set at WEITER #2 will be longer. Last year was all about party. Of course this year’s no different, but it’ll take some time getting to that point. The story is going to be stretched out since I’ll be playing 1.5 hours longer than last time. There’s Rene Engel doing the warm-up, and after that it’s going to be just me all night. I don’t really care about other big DJ names. I’d like people to come for the Weiter experience.”


This ‘experience’ is influenced by Weiter’s fascination for shamanism. An ancient religion that believes that shamans are messengers between the human world and the spirit world. “Shaman ceremonies are dark, but not in a creepy way. It’s the shadow side of happiness. This all sounds very out there, and it is. But I feel that a DJ is also a shaman in a way: someone that influences people with music. A great party is no different from a ritual. Everyone enters a room, and dances around a fire in the middle. Or in this case, around the DJ.”


The pressure is on, trying to make this night just as memorable as last year. “The audience was crazy enthusiastic last year. There were people I’d never seen before, other people I see every time. Young guys with headbands doing the rabbit dance and old guys I know from the trance, progressive scene. I’m planning to do a mix of Weiter hits, like a closing record I played in 2009. To give back to my fans. It’s awesome to me that they want to spend their Saturday night seeing me perform.”



Anyone who has seen him behind the decks, knows it’s not just about the music. He’s well known for his entertainment skills. “I remember seeing Sven Väth for the first time when I was 16 years old, thinking: ‘Wow, he’s looking at me!'”

“Before a performance I keep to myself. I want to focus and don’t want to talk to anyone. But when I’m on stage in Paradiso I’ll give it my all. I like having people in front of me, next to me and behind me. It gives me the feeling that my fans have my back. It’s so much better than standing there all by yourself.”

The last record is the best part of my night.


“The best part of WEITER #2 for me is going to be the last record. No doubt. At that point there’s a weight falling off my shoulders. Because as far as the music goes, nothing can go wrong anymore. The applause after the last record makes me feel like: ‘OK. That’s it. It’s done.’” And after? “The best compliment that people can give me at that moment is that the party was just as good as the first one. Not better: just as good. But I’m sure it will be. I know I’ll deliver a big show. And a great set, obviously.”


When: November 23th
Where: Paradiso, Amsterdam
Tickets: Sold out
More info: Facebook event

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