Look at some amazing animated film at EYE

Look at some amazing animated film at EYE

Nov 14, 2013 |  by  |  Art, Event
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Right now at EYE the KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival is going on. There you can view animated films rewarded with many awards, being listed as promising, student material and you can even follow master-classes, thematic programmes, parties and activities; you can create your own sock puppet, and who doesn’t want that?

There are many programmes to choose from. Six different animated shorts, three student shorts and many more. I’ve looked at the programming for you guys and this is what you should attend.

Animated shorts 1

Thursday – 14:00 (65 minutes)
Saturday – 18:30 (65 minutes)

Animated student shorts 1:

Thursday – 17:30 (70 minutes)
Saturday – 11:00 (70 minutes)

Animation for hire:

Friday – 16:30 (70 minutes)

KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival

When: 12th of November / 17th of November
Where: EYE film museum
Tickets: Here, single ticket €10, day pass €25

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