Next Monday's Hangover: MTV Music Week &, Club Godverdomme, TINK!, Trouw Loves Nachtdigital & Das Letzte Abendmahl

Next Monday’s Hangover: MTV Music Week &, Club Godverdomme, TINK!, Trouw Loves Nachtdigital & Das Letzte Abendmahl

Nov 6, 2013 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Too many plans for the weekend? Let me narrow down your options by suggesting some events where you can meet, dance and drink with Amsterdam’s finest crowds. After all, ‘a hangover ain’t worth the pain if the party is lame’. Here’s where you weekend warriors should go to for next Monday’s hangover.

Friday: MTV Music Week & present: KLANGKARUSSELL w/ Arjuna Schiks, Some Chemistry, PONY

In light of the MTV Music Week taking over Amsterdam, MTV & are putting together a very special night at AIR Amsterdam. Showcasing you tomorrow’s music by today’s young and playful talents. Special guests for the night: Klangkarussel. You know, the guys with last summer’s superhit. Supporting this laid-back duo are Amsterdam’s most friendly artists Arjuna Schiks, Some Chemistry and another popular duo formed in 2011, PONY. Expect more upbeat melodic tech-house in the 2nd area by the truly young and talented Hubert Kirchner, Marckus and No Reset.

Friday: CLUB GODVERDOMME @ Chicago Social Club

CLUB GODVERDOMME is BandjeBandje’s newest party. Last time took place at Doka, this time they head back towards the Chicago Social Club (Godverdomme). The menu for this one consists of a variety of artists you might have heard of, like the well-respected Palmbomen and a list of newcomers in the 2nd area performing their 30 minute debut DJ-sets. Interesting, as always. Keep an eye on our friend Simon Weiss in the main area, the man is cool. For the early visitors amongst you, your treat is getting to check out the Club Godverdomme DJ-team. Fun, fun, fun.

Club godverdomme


It’s 1359 days – give or take a leap year – of making an effort, 4 years of aiming at the further development of club culture, of trying to find a space in the hearts and minds of dancers and audiophiles, the world over, for an identity that all can share. Surely enough time to make sure there’s something special about TINK!… and that ‘something’ is worth celebrating. Of course, this event will be one big family affair, featuring Jeremy ‘Underground Paris’, Alex Salvador, Daan Groeneveld, ‘Groovemaster’ Johnson, Bobby Andrews and Mudde.


A question that tends to get asked here and there on club nights is “what festivals are you going to this summer?” In lots of cases the answer is Nachtdigital, nice and intimate, you know. To get an idea of what music to expect at this festival, go to Trouw this Saturday and listen to a live performance by Isolée, mister Nachtdigital himself Steffen Bennemann and lastly Webermichelson, also doing the live thing. Quality music in the house.

Saturday: [Percep-tion] presents Das Letzte Abendmahl @ Toren

Finally, an arty party. Arts and music combined in one of Amsterdam’s up and coming locations called Toren. This Saturday includes music by Douglas Greed, Rampue, Alexander King, Miss Melera, Mike Ravelli and ME.N.U. amongst others bringing the best of German-oriented electronic music. In the second area, expect disco, funk and deep house on the menu, provided by Sjef Rolet, Cloud Riders and BeatUnique. All of this will be accompanied by live arts, performances, painters and lots of dancing. Sounds like a complete experience, fulfilment for everyone! Enjoy the hangovers.


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