Fake a great ass with the new Levi's Revel

Fake a great ass with the new Levi’s Revel

Nov 6, 2013 |  by  |  Fashion, Spots
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Sabrina (who is old as fuck) has more energy than a Duracell bunny, and uses it to dance in the newest clubs, eat too much junk food, play all the videogames, examine apps and shop - even though she has more than enough clothes. Sorry Earth.

Girls, women, let’s get real: not everyone of us is blessed with a booty that makes 50 Cent rap about ‘them apples’. Fortunately, after the push-up bra (thank you Frederick Mellinger, I mean it) Levi’s invented jeans that push your butt to new heights. Literally.

Hey gym membership, suck it!

Thanks to the new ‘liquid shaping technology’ (which you can actually see in the jeans) your inner- and outer thighs get pushed inwards, your tummy gets flatter and buttocks get higher. This is also thanks to an extra seam above the goods, as well as one on the sides. It also makes your legs look longer because of the washing; the stripes are pointed down, instead of horizontally. You’re basically a little step closer to getting Doutzen Kroes’ body- without having spend hours playing jumprope.

I know this is a lot to take in, and it seems to good to be true. So instead of telling you this, let me just show you. With the danger of exposing myself as a faker, I present to you: the difference.

Boring butt

Boring butt.

Behold: boring butt versus happy butt.

Happy butt.

There are three different shapes: the slight (which means you don’t have a lot of curves), the demi (you’re proportioned nicely) or the bold (small waist, bigger booty). Levi’s recently opened pop-up store The Revel Room, where the girls are ready to take your measurements and tell you which jeans are right for you. It might take a bit of trial and error to find your perfect fit but I’m sure they have it! Oh, and on a final note: I’ve been wearing the jeans a lot, and they do not lose their shape.


Levi’s pop-up Revel Room

Where: Kalverstraat 101
When: It’s open already, until the 17th of November
Why: Because your ass wants this.

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