Eat, drink, dance and get cultivated at Museumnacht 2013 #2

Eat, drink, dance and get cultivated at Museumnacht 2013 #2

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It’s time for Museumnacht again, 50 museums will offer you a very diverse programme this year. Yesterday Robert wrote about his picks, today I’m sharing my Museumnacht stops with you.

Stedelijk Museum

This year’s kick off will be at Museumplein’s big three; Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk Museum. At 6:30 PM they will show the opening film Nachtlicht, and I’m starting this night at Stedelijk Museum. Not only is this my favourite museum, their latest exhibition is about one of my favourite painters Malevich. You can take a Malevich museumtour or grab a Malevich meal for only €7,-.

Stedelijk Museum - Malevich

De Nieuwe Kerk

Even though you’re only just starting, it’s already time for a short break because it’s going to be a long night. We’re heading off to De Nieuwe Kerk to join their Chinese chilling. Here you can treat yourself with a Chinese massage and some traditional tea. If you’re looking for even more enlightenment you can even join some meditation, T’ai Ch’i or some Eastern philosophy lessons.

De Hortus

After purifying your soul, it’s the perfect moment to reflect on your beloved deceased. Did you know that this evening it’s also All Souls’ Day? During this Catholic holiday we commemorate the dead and they commemorate us as well. The beautiful gardens of De Hortus will be a sinister yet festive graveyard, where you can enjoy a Bloody Mary while dancing with zombies.

The Big Internet Museum

Next stop is The Big Internet Museum, the world’s first museum about internet. Normally it’s a digital museum, but especially for this night they will go analogue at Hyves HQ. There’ll be an exhibition about the meaning of Amsterdam for internet, and because it’s their first analogue performance they’ll celebrate with a big party.

Museumnacht Amsterdam 2013 Teaser


Last stop will be at Stadsarchief. Where Stadsarchief normally shows you everything about Amsterdam, this evening it’s all about portrait photography. And Hip-Hop. There’ll be old glamour portraits with movie stars, contemporary portraits by Erwin Olaf and portraits of the leading figures of the Dutch Hip-Hop scene. Oh, and I’ve heard that the tunes of DJ’s SirOJ and Vic Crezée are equivalent to a good party!

Although most events during Museumnacht are in Dutch, there’s plenty to do for non-Dutch visitors. Want to experience Museumnacht with a local who can tell you everything about the greatest museums? Subscribe for a two-hour English-guided tour till Wednesday October 30. The tour’s for free (max. 15 people) but only available with a Museumnacht ticket. Send an email to N8’s Caroline for more information about the different tours we offer.

Final piece of advice, download the Museumnacht app to check the crowds at every location during the night.

Museumnacht 2013

When: Saturday November 2nd
Where: Every museum in the city
Tickets: €17,95, here
Online: Museumnacht website

Museumnacht 2013

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