Eat, drink, dance and get cultivated at Museumnacht 2013 #1

Eat, drink, dance and get cultivated at Museumnacht 2013 #1

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We like a good party and culture, so Museumnacht is a perfect match. This Saturday 50 museums in Amsterdam will invite you to come visit them at night. Next to their regular exhibitions, they’ll try to entertain you to the fullest with drinks, food, music, interactive workshops and a lot of fun. Since there are too many places to visit and too many drinks to drink, we’ve written down two possible routes you can take. Read my picks below and check Overdose out tomorrow for Kim’s selection.


This year the night opens with a film called Nachtlicht (and live musical support from Young Slagwerk Den Haag), which is simultaneously shown at the Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum and Rijksmuseum. Better choose your starting point.


Film museum EYE shows us what music can do for film and vice versa. For instance, you can see Eboman controlling visuals and audio samples with his body suit, in his show called Sampling Madness ft Eboman. You might recognise him from his performances on Lowlands.

Van Gogh Museum

In the Van Gogh Museum you can enjoy the tunes of Red Light Radio, view an interactive-choreographed light-art piece called A day in the light of Van Gogh by Wijnand van der Horst. Which questions how light can lead us to access Van Gogh’s creative mind, and how colours can evoke layers of emotions. I for one am curious about this one.



Have you always been interested in what happens behind the walls of the prestigious Rijksakademie for visual arts and want to see how the artist in residence create their work? Now is your chance to have the artists take you on a tour through their workplaces, to ask a question or two and have a beer or three.

Rijksacademie-Emile Zile. Performance 'One million Paradiso guitar solos', 2009.

If you’re in less of a mood to get wasted however, but feel more like getting educated, you can go to these places.


Talks and visuals about the stereotype of male masculinity in the media are what you get at ATRIA. Watch and listen to stories of the differences and fading borders between male and female. Which raises questions like; how does your view of masculinity influence the way you think, act eat read and dress?

Castrum Peregrini

Expect a revolutionary salon at Castrum Peregrini. Listen to lectures and presentations about the role of artists, and concerned civilians on their own role, in finding their own democracy.

Another fun thing to mention is the Museumnacht app, which offers you a programme, routes, news and even a display which mentions how crowded it is in either of the museums. Easy for you to escape or follow the crowd. A cool feature added this year is the ‘Point of You’-function, which asks you to portrait the works of art together with yourself or just document your own experience. These photographs will be beamed on several screens in the different museums, which means you can see what other people are experiencing in the other places and what you’re missing.

Museumnacht 2013

When: Saturday November 2nd
Where: Every museum in the city
Tickets: €17,95, here
Online: Museumnacht website

Museumnacht 2013

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