Local Rockstars: Tom Trago in reverse

Local Rockstars: Tom Trago in reverse

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Whether you went out last weekend to check out an uber-geeky beat magician or a depressingly awesome indie rock band, we all know there’s always some serious musical talents rocking around the Dam. You might not recognize them all yet, but don’t worry, you will soon. In this series of interviews we talk to remarkable artists about their music and their inspirations.

From all the Amsterdam based DJs I interviewed, Tom Trago is probably the one that needs the least introduction. He has travelled all over the world, runs his own label, Voyage Direct, and is now awarded to be Trouw’s resident of the month. Next to all this Tom also made time to produce his new album ‘The Light Fantastic’, which will be released on October 21th. I got a tiny little bit of his spare time to ask him some questions.

Hi Tom! Finally an interview!! I waited for two weeks to do this…
“Yeah I’m so busy with my new album. My schedule’s a mess.”

Do you like doing interviews?
“Well, it gets kind of exhausting talking about yourself all the time, but that’s part of the deal that comes with a new album.”

About that. The tracks are all pretty diverse. Is that something you keep in mind? Or set as a goal?
“I produced 30 tracks in the beginning, so I made a selection. To keep the album diverse I guess I sort of selected them in that way . But I also like listening to different kinds of music, that inspires me to make all kinds of different tracks.”

When you finished your album, who was the first that listened to it?
“During the process I let a lot of friends, who’s opinion I appreciate, listen to my tracks. Due to that I could finish my tracks a little faster, and when I finished my album I threw a session at Trouw for close friends. With their feedback I went back to the studio and completed my album.”

Don’t you find that hard, all the criticism on your work?
“Well of course they’re not going to completely piss on my work. But I do want their opinion, because I think that’s important. After all it’s up to me what I want to do with it.”

I don’t feel afraid for how different ears can receive my music.

Tell me something more about ‘Jack Me’…
“Jackin’ is an old term from Chicago. It’s ’80s house music, part of the black, underground music culture. Elke, the girl who sings on my track, loves Jackin’ house, and the song’s about that love. You obviously thought it was about sex…”

Is there something like a hidden detail in your album that you are really proud of?
“Actually there are a lot! Try playing it in reverse for example…”

You’re going on an album tour, what can we expect?
“It started in The Hague last week, with Meeus van Dis. As a light artist he made a special light effect show for my tour, it looks pretty awesome. Last album tour I played with two other band members, now it’s just me. So I feel a lot more free to do what I want to.”

During ADE you’ll present your new album to the crowd. You seem like the kind of guy who’s almost too cool to function. But aren’t you still a bit nervous?
“No, that’ll work out fine! It’s the third time I do an album release. I think I became better in playing live, and that I now know how to interact with the crowd.”

Once again, you’ll be on BR TV in a moment. What’s so special about that, other then the exposure?
“Boiler Room stands for good quality music, which makes it very awarding for me to work with them. And yeah, the exposure, thousands of people watching you at home… If you think about it, that’s pretty sick!”

Do you have some guilty pleasures, when it comes to music?
“Listening to R&B, but that’s not really a guilty pleasure. I do like listening to bad pop songs, it makes me laugh.”

What is the ‘highlighted’ number one thing on your bucket list?
“I would like to make bronze statues. In a French cottage. That’s definitely on top.”

Last but not least: I saw some tweets that grabbed my attention; ‘Life’s perspective can switch so fast between heaven and hell. Makes me crazy.’
“Well, sometimes you can feel so high and happy. And then all of the sudden something happens and that can make you feel totally devastated. I’m pretty emotional, I don’t control my feelings that well. So I guess that’s what I meant.”

And what about this one? ‘Did anyone ever took LSD and listened to my music?’
“I just wondered if somebody did. I would like to try LSD sometimes!”

And then listen to your own music?
“Yeah definitely!”

‘The Light Fantastic’ album tour

Where: All across Europe.
When: October 19th – December 20th

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