Local Rockstars: Attracted to Some Chemistry

Local Rockstars: Attracted to Some Chemistry

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Leaving Fusion Festival in Germany for a few hours just to do an awesome gig with some friends at one of Holland’s most popular techno festivals, Awakenings. That’s partymeister and one of Amsterdam’s most huggable DJs Some Chemistry. Someone who knows how to party hard and how to create that same vibe for others. I’ve known Ridz for quite some time now, and I’m one of his biggest fans. But hey, who isn’t a fan of his friends, right? Time to get you all into Some Chemistry.

Next Monday’s Hangover Festival recap by Some Chemistry

So Ridz, let’s start with a quiz.

What’s your favourite dish?
“I guess that brings me back to my roots in Bolivia. A good ‘asado‘. It’s a grilled piece of meat dipped into seasalt and lime. By far the best meal!”

Favourite city?

Favourite festival?
“Fusion in Germany! Without a doubt… A programme book is useless. It doesn’t matter where you go, everything is mind-blowing. Both music-wise and experience-wise.”

Favourite drug?
“Probably midget blood.”

Favourite performance?
“It was at Buiten Westen’s secret stage last year. Or wait, maybe it was at PRISMA last February 15th. That’s one of our own parties, I actually made the timetable and thought; ‘f*ck it, I’m putting myself prime time this time, because it’s my birthday!’ It was very awesome and afterwards I was a bit emotional… Maybe it was the alcohol.”

Favourite DJ setting?
“That would be outside in the summer, at a modest stage, not one of those huge ones.”

Favourite DJ?
“Gui Boratto made me start creating electronic music, after I saw him play at ADE 2007, so in that way him… But my favourite music maker would be Four Tet.”

Favourite garment?
“Hmmm, I guess simple All-Stars and skinny jeans.”

Haha, I’m sorry that’s a lame question..
“No it’s just that I’m not really into fashion. But I do get styled by People Tree. A Japanese brand, which was the pioneer of sustainable fair-trade clothing. I’m very proud of that.”

Favourite song?
“That would be ‘Soco Amaretto Lime’ from this band called Brand New.”

Favourite fairytale?
“Alice in Wonderland, is that a fairytale? It is, right? Not your average corny Disney story, that’s what I like about it.”

What is it that you get most satisfaction out of from being a DJ?
“The idea of getting to the emotions of people. It doesn’t matter how many hands are bouncing up in the air, that sure is a thrill too, but after a gig when a few people come to me to tell me how they felt about it, I feel more satisfied.”

What would you be if you weren’t a DJ or anything else in this scene?
“I would probably still be a punk rocker.”

I feel comfortable with people who are identity free, or internationally oriented.

Could you describe yourself in one sentence?

What would your DJ name be if you it wasn’t Some Chemistry?
“If I ever have to do a gig under a pseudonym, it would be ‘El Pendejo’. Or ‘No Chemistry’.”

So tell me, you were born in Bolivia. When did you move to Holland? How did that make you who you are now?
“No, not true! I was born in Haarlem. I guess that makes my story a little less exciting then. I was partly raised in Bolivia though. From age 5 to 11. I lived in the Netherlands, then Africa, South America and back to the Netherlands.”

Which of these backgrounds is the closest to you?
“I feel more comfortable with people who are in a way identity free, or internationally oriented. Like in Amsterdam, it’s a mix of some many different people. I love the international character of this city. In my music I think it made me use African drums, different rhythms and melodies all together.”

What, in your opinion, is good music?
“Good music is like a story, with different layers. I like electronic music that develops itself like a song from a band. I guess that comes from my history as a band member for 10 years in the past.”

You’re quite a busy guy. You’re a DJ, you throw parties with Next Monday’s Hangover, you’re one of the founders of Overdose.am and you always look satisfied. How do you manage all that?
“Don’t forget to mention my hot girlfriend! Haha. No, it’s just that I like being with people. I need them around me, that makes me happy and they give me energy. I don’t like sitting home all alone for example. The only good thing about that is that I can make music then.”

If you could abolish one festival trend, what would that be?
“The in-your-face branding. I would only allow quality stuff at the festival. So the guy who makes the best ice-cream or whatever, not just the ice-cream brand that pays you the most sponsor-money. But on the other hand you need them, otherwise the festival would be too expensive for visitors. Dammit.”

I become quite bored of most stuff after a while.

Do you have any big plans towards the near future?
“I want to be the person here in Amsterdam that creates a ‘different’ vibe when in comes to parties. The thing I told you before about the indie-house and -techno parties. The more band-ish kind of techno. I want people to think that about Next Monday’s Hangover. When it comes to DJ’ing I want to make more music. I think I have to lock myself down in my house after my Holiday.”

So what do you want to be when you are old? The DJ, manager or founder?
“Probably none! I become quite bored of most stuff after a while.”

Hmm, a caring dad then maybe?!
“No, I would still like to organise events where people come together. Not like house or techno parties, maybe not even parties at all. I want to throw social get-togethers. It could also be an exhibition or something.”

Finally, what’s the next big thing on your agenda?
“This weekend it’s time for Pleinvrees, which is always highly anticipated and fun. After that, October is all about ADE, where I’ll be playing at some cool parties like Gregor Tresher’s Break New Soil night together with Petar Dundov amongst others, but also at NGHTDVSN’s Fields show featuring many of my all-time heroes like Max Cooper, Minilogue, Fairmont, Gabriel Ananda, Aril Brikha and more. Oh and also worth mentioning is the next PRISMA show where I get to play before James Holden. That is one in the category of ‘dreams coming true’.”

Special thanks to Faye Lui (photo) and Alexandra den Hartog (marvelous questions)

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