Get ready for Next Monday's Hangover's very own 'boutique' Festival

Get ready for Next Monday’s Hangover’s very own ’boutique’ Festival

Sep 6, 2013 |  by  |  Event, Music
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It’s not often that you can find me in Amsterdam so late in the summer season (I usually run arms wide open to embrace the sun, sea and cocktails before you can say “school’s out”), but since it’s a fact, I have compensated my time here by enjoying the splendor of festivals that Amsterdam is famed for, from large festivals with over tens of thousands of people to smaller more intimate get-togethers. One that has particularly caught my eye is what they are calling a ’boutique festival’, hosted by none other than the boys at Next Mondays Hangover.

Right after rocking their stage at Buiten Westen, Next Monday’s Hangover have decided to fully embrace Amsterdam’s festival season and are already busy tackling their second Next Mondays Hangover Festival at a beautiful location in the Houthavens of Amsterdam – an intimate outdoor beach-vibe venue; or in other words the perfect location for Next Mondays Hangover ’boutique’ summer closing.

Summer closing

September 8th is the date selected to round-off summer 2013 with what promises to be an intimate gathering of fine-tuned music aficionados. I expect nothing less as Next Mondays Hangover have been moving steadily towards a more developed and sophisticated branche in music. As Next Mondays Hangover have grown as a company so have their tastes and vision on who they are and what they represent.

With 3 stages, over 8 labels, and 19 DJ’s, Next Mondays Hangover festival is sure to carry you on a musical journey through the “deeper, complex, storytelling strains of house, techno and indie music”. You will find the musical pioneers selected to lead this mission below.

See you on the dance floor!

Next Mondays Hangover Festival
Date: September 8th
Time: 13:00-23:00
Location: Minervahavenweg 25
More info: Facebook Event
Tickets: €25, Buy Here

✢ Arjuna Schiks
✢ Daniel Zuur
✢ Enrique’s Groove
✢ John Tejada (USA)
✢ Jorn Liefdeshuis
✢ Lake People (DE)
✢ Malawi
✢ Mees Dierdorp
✢ MikeyNice
✢ Olaf Stuut
✢ Pitto
✢ Primo Disco
✢ Rampue (DE)
✢ Robag Wruhme (DE)
✢ Satori
✢ Silvester
✢ Some Chemistry
✢ Weval

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