Stedelijk at Trouw, a night of contemporary art

Stedelijk at Trouw, a night of contemporary art

Aug 29, 2013 |  by  |  Art, Event, Music
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They have the the 24 hour permit, they sell the best vintage at the Night Bazaar, have the tastiest ‘kaasbroodjes’, and they host numerous cultural lectures; our city’s hotspot Trouw gives us exactly what we want. And it doesn’t end there. Next week they’ll bring contemporary art in the form of video projections and performances into their cultural cosmos. Expanding the boundaries of the present-day club scene, Trouw seeks for new opportunities to bring their visitors high class entertainment. In the following series of club nights, Trouw joins forces with the Stedelijk Museum to bring you some fresh dose of contemporary art.

Inspired by clubbing

What do an art exposition and a night of clubbing have in common? More than you realize. Just as contemporary art may serve as an escape from reality into the surrealistic, many of us go to a club for similar reasons. Contemporary art has the power to give us a blunt reflection of our worst weekends, even portraying our hangovers, one-night stands and social difficulties. This is exactly what the work of Tracey Emin gives us. In 1999, Emin won the Turner prize for her masterpiece My Bed, which consisted of a bed surrounded by condoms, empty cigarette packs and underwear with menstrual stains. Although her exposition in Trouw won’t be as revolutionary as this piece, her work Why I Never Became a Dancer does raises high expectations. She’ll tell us her traumatic childhood memories in a video narration, ending with a dispassionate, empowering dance.


Although there are three more editions to come, you can’t miss out on this special opening night with music, lectures and exclusive performances. The perfect excuse to go to everyone’s favourite club (again), but this time for some grown-up artistic inspiration that’ll make you look at your ordinary Saturday night of clubbing a bit different.

Stedelijk at Trouw

When: Part 1 – Movement, September 5th – September 14th
Opening: September 5th, 20.30
Where: Club Trouw
Tickets: Presale & door: €10, free entrance after opening
Online: Trouw Amsterdam & Stedelijk Museum

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