Let your boundless imagination run wild at KANTOR

Let your boundless imagination run wild at KANTOR

Aug 13, 2013 |  by  |  Event
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Disco diva PaardenKracht and Her Royal Highness of creative Amsterdam PUP fell in love with each other and made a beautiful baby, named KANTOR! It’s a theatre, art café, gallery, cinema and restaurant all in one. It’s an event where art, culture, music, food and technology meet each other in an innovative way. It’s the battleground of both established names and new talents. And above all, it’s allowed to get crazy and dance your shoes off. There will be disco of course, but also if you’re not a big fan of your disco shoes there’ll also be taken good musical care of you.

Inspiring location

On October 5th and 6th KANTOR will première, and they didn’t just pick some random location. The abandoned building of Bright Offices at Sloterdijk will open its doors just for one weekend. With its 15 floors and a 360° view over Amsterdam’s skyline this was once the décor of rules. KANTOR will turn five floors into a lively and inspiring soiree, ready for partying, movement and rebellion. Because that’s what KANTOR stands for!

PaardenKracht and PUP were missing a place in Amsterdam where working people are able to loose themselves; musically, but above all culturally. With KANTOR they’re looking for the perfect mix between dancing, entertainment and culture. And with an empty office as the location to bring their ideas to life, they also want to draw attention to vacancy and undiscovered places. Also, an office normally is a place that’s ruled by time; deadlines, being on time and working over hours. When working five days a week, you need to selectively deal with your spare time in the weekends. This diverse event will create time for you by putting music, art, culture and food in one place once ruled by time. The artists at KANTOR will give their own interpretation of this very conflicting theme.

So save yourself some time by coming to KANTOR and be amazed by interesting performances, innovating art, good food and music that’ll make you want to dance. And of course this extraordinary location. What else do you need in your precious weekend? This new love baby will be at least as sexy as its parents and has something new to bring to Amsterdam’s cultural table.

In the coming months both PaardenKracht and PUP will announce parts of the musical and cultural programming on a weekly basis so keep your eye on the website and Facebook page.


When: October 5th and 6th
Where: Bright Offices, next to Station Sloterdijk
Tickets: Website
Online: Facebook

Artwork KANTOR

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