An all-female event duo have hit the streets with a seaside safari

An all-female event duo have hit the streets with a seaside safari

Aug 9, 2013 |  by  |  Event
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In Amsterdam we’re spoiled with festivals. Every weekend there are at least five different events to choose from. Organisers are constantly trying to outdo one another and show how unique they are. It’s a world loaded with testosterone. The bigger the balls, the better the line-up, the better the location, the better the creativity. Not always true of course, at all actually. But it’s a nice step up to introduce you to a new duo, full femininity included: Eva & Kiria!

OK girls, to kick off this new partnership you’ve got going, you’re actually pushing the city limits of Amsterdam and throwing one banger of party, FESTIFARI, at the now officially named Amsterdam Beach. Give me your elevator pitch then, GO!
Eva: “FESTIFARI – A colourful jungle at sea. At FESTIFARI, we take you into a disco jungle at the beach. An intimate, but complete chaos with the beautiful view of the North Sea and DJs that purely focus on happy music.”
Kiria: “That’s why we came up with FESTIFARI, a happy chaos at the beach. Not one moment of gloominess at FESTIFARI. This is what we, two festival veterans from Haarlem and Amsterdam, envision. Amsterdam DJs that share this vision will help us create this creative vibe.”

We just don’t like dodgy tents with big light shows and pumping techno.

Festival veterans I hear you say. Are there any things you’re really missing at other festivals? Is this one of the reasons you’ve started to take the matter into your own hands?
Eva: “We love that more and more people are taking the initiative to organise festivals in and around the city. However, there are so many festivals during the summer that it affects the experience that a lot of festivals have, because they are all becoming so alike.”
Kiria: “We do miss some uniqueness in most festivals plus the fact that we just don’t like dodgy tents with big light shows and pumping techno. We prefer happy, upbeat deephouse where you see everybody smiling.”


There’s been a lot of publicity lately about Zandvoort being renamed as Amsterdam Beach. Do you think FESTIFARI will kick-start this to stop people complaining about everything being so ‘far’ in Holland?
Kiria: “Yes we do! The beach of Zandvoort has a lot to offer. The beach club where FESITFARI will be hosted (Safari Club) often organises live music sessions for example. Once you take the train back to the city, you have the idea you have been to a place far, far away and will have enough energy to go back to the busy life in Amsterdam.”

So what do you guys find most annoying about each other since you’ve started working together?
Eva: “Kiria’s much more creative than I am. But that means that she’s not all that organized… haha!”
Kiria: “Eva’s a control freak, she’s always stressed out about losing her keys, earplugs or wallet. And oh, her voice is really loud!”

Will something bad happen to people who don’t come? Because you know karma’s a bitch…
Kiria: “They will live the rest of their lives with a FOMO syndrome.”



When: Saturday August 10th
Where: Safari Club, Zandvoort
Tickets: €10 (Click here!)
Online: Facebook event

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