Get your hands on the last Mysteryland tickets with Vodafone Party Gods

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Enjoying the best music at Mysteryland 2013 together with three friends while being served by your own squadron of butlers? It’s possible people. Vodafone and ID&T have set up a contest and will turn someone into a true part god for one day. Their butlers will make sure the winner and his or her friends have a great day filled with luxury.

Party like a god with the ultimate VIP treatment

This includes a night in a nearby fancy hotel plus of course a transfer to the festival, making sure you don’t miss a single minute. At the event, dance non-stop to the beats of Speedy J, Tiga and Joris Voorn while your butlers fetch your food and drinks.

To join in, just download the free Vodafone Party Gods app and turn into Mysteryland 2013’s ultimate party boss. After downloading the app (iOS & Android) you’ll hear a dance track. Move your smart phone to the beat as long as possible to score points. Then invite three friends to join you at the festival and start preparing for live as a VIP.


You can also play for dance4life with the Part Gods app, a charity that Vodafone and ID&T support. Dance4life works with young people on a world without aids and does this by educating people around the world about the risks of unprotected sex. To do this, they use music and dance to get kids involved and inspired. Every minute that you play the app €1 is donated to Dance4life by ID&T and Vodafone.

The Party Gods app is freely available for download in app stores (iOS & Android). Participating is possible until August 22nd. For more information go to the Party Gods website.

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