Festival De Betoncentrale, raw house, techno & good vibes

Festival De Betoncentrale, raw house, techno & good vibes

Jul 30, 2013 |  by  |  Event, Music, Sponsored
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On Saturday, September 14th PLAK presents the second edition of Festival De Betoncentrale. Last year, this atmospheric, raw place in Northern Amsterdam proved to be one of the most unique festival locations around this town. This year they go all-out with the same recipe as last year: house, techno & good vibes.


Of course, after last year’s success, the knights of PLAK were forced to continue the saga, exclusively claiming this area to use as their theme park for another very authentic and industrial ‘BetonCentrale‘. What has this year got to offer? A way better line-up that will take you on a journey, starting with old-school house and subtly moving towards raw and underground techno once again. Including some serious underground heroes and quality stage-hostings.


Let’s start by putting three absolute heroes in the spotlights: Romanian born, Berlin based producer Cosmin TRG, one of the most important innovators of the dance industry. At this point in time you’ll find him honing a ghostly, sketchy techno blueprint that fuses shuffling drums with eerie synths, snatched vocals-as-instruments and strains of Detroit and Chicago classicism.

Secondly UK based Paul Woolford, who through his work as DJ, producer, dance floor experimentalist, remixer, collaborator and label owner, has succeeded in bringing a rare level of artistry to the world of modern dance music. His name is synonymous with ‘high-quality’.

And finally Italian based Nicholas, responsible for the series of unofficial releases of edits on the No More Hits Italian imprint, bringing a fresh live-set into the mix.

Nevertheless, de Betoncentrale wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t featuring enough local power with artists like Malin Genie, Paul Cairo, Alex Salvador, Ferro, Mattikk, Daan Groeneveld, Alex Supertramp, Schmutz, Hellie Berry, MickeyNice, Jordy and Sander Huisman.


As Studio 80 once put it: “Tomorrow Is Now, Kid! is one of Amsterdam’s hottest clubnights. Residents Alex Salvador & Daan Groeneveld truly know how to mesmerize their audience through a lethal combination of deep and classic house.” TINK! is a record label, event organization and analog & digital studio. TINK! basically sees the convergence of music, the internet and events as the ultimate opportunity to bring music to people. They will be hosting a stage at this festival, featuring all their residents consisting of Malin Genie, Alex Salvador, Daan Groeneveld, Hellie Berry and perhaps some special invitations. I can recommend to go check out this collective of ambitious creative musicians for any given event, although you can’t go any better than a festival-ish location ideally.


Festival De Betoncentrale is taking place at the site of a concrete plant, only 10 minutes by bike from the NDSM ferry. You can only imagine what this place will look like at night, when the lights hit the cranes and silos.

Festival De Betoncentrale
When: Saturday September 14th, 12:00-23:00
Where: Toetsenbordweg 61, Amsterdam
Tickets: Early €15, Normal €18.50, Late €21 – HERE
Website: www.festivaldebetoncentrale.nl / Facebook event



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