Find your inner Amazon with jewellery by IVY & LIV

Find your inner Amazon with jewellery by IVY & LIV

Jul 26, 2013 |  by  |  Fashion
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A couple of months ago, two friends called Isabella and Fleur decided to start a jewellery brand. Inspired by female strength, mythical stories and in particular the Amazons (a nation of all-female warriors in Greek mythology) they designed a new line, which represents everything we love about being a woman.

Girl/Amazon power!

Talking with Isabella I learned she already had a brand of her own, but she and her friend Fleur had been talking for a while when they decided to use their alter egos (Ivy and Liv) for a fresh start. See, they use these characters as a way to explore the world and experience adventures. Their first adventure is all about the female fighter. “The Amazons were warriors, even this far back into history women were fighting for their rights. That’s what we want to give to our customers as well, when you wear our jewellery we want you to feel beautiful and empowered,” Isabella told me.

The pieces are solid silver, no self-respecting warrior would be caught dead with green rings around their fingers, right?

The inspiration is very notable: pieces in the shape of arrows (one of the Amazons’ weapons of choice) and cuffs, but also a bit more ‘modern day’ warrior, as the collection contains an awesome necklace with a little gun and one with a skull. Oh, and then there is this ‘love’ ring – do I have to explain? Love is a battlefield my friends, even for female warriors. For you history buffs, an example: Lysippe, queen of the Amazons, had a son, Tanais, who worshipped Artemis, much to Aphrodite’s dislike. She caused him to fall in love with his own mother, which prompted him to drown himself in the river…

Even though the brand is Dutch, the pieces are crafted in Italy because, as Isabella explained, the craftsmanship is much better there. All the pieces are solid silver, sometimes coated gold or rose gold. They range from 120 euros for one of the smaller necklaces to 250 euros for a cuff. I say it’s worth it. No self-respecting female warrior wants to be caught dead with green rings around her fingers from fake gold, right?

You can buy your own piece at their website or at one of the two Tenue de Nîmes stores (at Haarlemmerstraat or Elandsgracht).

Photos by Jeroen Pruijt

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