Sail away with Dido Yland

Sail away with Dido Yland

Jul 22, 2013 |  by  |  Event, Fashion
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Sail Away is what echoes through the speakers as models wearing felt hats step out in colourful pantyhoses and modern day looking uniforms. It’s time to pack your tights, go get your socks and keep your luggage ready – you read that correct folks – because we’re in for a journey with Dido Yland!

Bon voyage!

Dido Yland’s s/s 2014 collection is all about movement, as she was inspired by travelling by train and interested in it’s shape, details and the staff’s clothing. Another part of her inspiration came from vintage flight attendants suits, which encouraged her to create new more modern pieces. This resulted in a collection made of delicate smooth fabrics combined with graphic lines. Even though the color grey was quite predominate bright colors such as red, green, blue and yellow literally brightened things up. The fact that Dido Yland teamed up with YASHKATHOR (responsible for the felt hats all the models were wearing) and Dutch shoe designer Anna Korshun made the show even more special.

Dido Yland ss2014 close-up

Despite Yland’s inspiration, I never had the idea I was looking at train staff suits or modern day flight attendants uniforms, even though though the collection did have a uniform feeling (something that was clearly emphasized by the red and white felt hats). To me this collection was in fact quite quirky, because of the funny details. Although bright coloured jelly shoes are not really my cup of tea – let alone worn with pantihoses decorated with colourful lines – it truly fitted this collection. As a matter of fact, due to these surprising details and graphic lines the collection was quite playful as every look had a different twist. The clothes looked comfortable, wearable and even suitable for travelling (or sailing?). So don’t forget to save a spot in your suitcase for the cut-out tops and flowy dresses. Bon voyage!

Photos by Beata Fortuna.

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