The Food Line-up know what's cooking in festival land

The Food Line-up know what’s cooking in festival land

Jul 17, 2013 |  by  |  Event, Food
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The festival question that’s always on everyone’s lips (and in this case spinning around stomachs) is: what’s the line-up? Not just in terms of the irresistible DJs and summer artists, but also in regards to the catering provided by Lotte Wouters’ scrumptious eatery company The Food-Line-up. We managed to speak to this goddess of cuisine, who’s innovative catering concept has become a whirlwind success, about the food on offer at this weekend’s festival Buiten Westen.

Prior to Wouters giving the low-down on her tasty gastronomy found at A-Dam’s Buiten Westen festival, we let Lotte describe ‘The Food Line Up’ herself:

“By scouting tasty and sustainable caterers, I have built a food court of special cuisines within festivals and business events. The Line-Up can feed between 50 to 30,000 people. As the company focuses on experience rather than margins, we are set aside from the rest. I want to treat and inspire people to a quality, fresh, healthy meal!”

When did this munching business all begin, and what was the reason behind it?

“I started officially 1 year ago, after noticing that in particular at festivals the food on offer was so understated. The chances that I would see a specific DJ or dance group weren’t as big as eating at least twice a day. The quality of festival food was always dismal too. Inspired by my Mother’s food ethic (the kitchen table was always the centre of our home), I wanted food quality to be as important as the music.”

Buiten Westen ticket owners will be thrilled with the recommendations Wouters has given the typical festival attendees. Check out below Lotte’s comments on where to find the appropriate snacks for each character;

FESTIVAL LOVE BIRDS should munch on…

“Pizza on the Buiten Westen menu made by ‘Old Scuola’. Its perfect for hungry daters as they can shape their pizzas into a heart. Super authentic and freshly made, these woodoven-baked delicacies are a textbook-perfect for the festival love birds.”

HEATH FREAKS head straight to…

“The Dutch Weed Burger, with delicious seaweed acting as the perfect replacement for meat (more on that here! << include link to video). Full of protein, and none of the fats, they can also head to The Catercarvaan to munch into some falafel too."

POWER DANCERS need to get to…

“Acai Smoothies and Bagels will be the perfect refill of energy. They use all kinds of superfoods to boost your body and mind. Joeri Tandoeri will be rustling up some heel lekker Indian tandoori too – accompanied by fresh naan and apple chutney to get the hardcore ravers rejuvenated.”

CULTURE VULTURES have to get their hands on…

Keuken van het Ongewenst dier! Food experimentalists can scoff down the snacks of animals we usually don’t eat or either end up as waste. These days we only eat chicken, beef, lamb, or pork. But Keuken van het Ongewenst dier make croquettes from goose meat (which are killed at Schiphol airport – local produce!), or burgers from horse meat disregarded by well-off families who unfortunately cannot afford their horses anymore. With this kind of background context, the culture vultures won’t be able to resist the rare treats and snacks.

ON-TREND-EATERS need to be seen with…

Old School Poffertjes or the creative and funny Kofte Kanto, who makes fresh original koftes with moustache. The fries of Pomms are pretty on-trend; fried in the skin, freshly cut backstage with a separate container for the mayonnaise, so no greasy fingers.

See you at Westerpark Wouters! We are sure to over-dose on your suggestions. Nom nom nom!

Words by Rob Simon & Hannah Whelan

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