When it comes to Claes Iversen, rain is definitely a good thing

When it comes to Claes Iversen, rain is definitely a good thing

Jul 14, 2013 |  by  |  Fashion, Photos
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Claes Iversen is always somewhat of a fashion week highlight for me. His collections are very feminine and wearable, while maintaining a high fashion ‘feeling’. Last year I enjoyed the florals a lot but this year, the designer was inspired by something completely different.

Summer showers

While some of us (me) have been complaining that the summer hasn’t been all that, for Iversen the rain worked as an inspiration. The collection, called ‘Vertical Illumination’, was his representation of a sudden summer shower. The link was very clear: white, blue(ish) hues and other soft pastels dominated the catwalk while strings with glass, plastic and wool adorned the pieces. Playing with different lengths and materials, he opted to create volume and movement.

The pieces are incredibly heavy, but look all the more beautiful. He captured my fashion heart rather quickly with the dark cyan suit on the second picture, which truly fit the model perfectly. As if she was sowed into it. Sometimes the collection was a bit reminiscent of the twenties because of the tassels, but in a modern way. The shoes were very Carrie Bradshaw, completed with suede and plastic, and are from a limited edition line.

Other than that the weight might not make it the most ‘easy to wear’ collection, I would definitely ‘suffer’ to wear one of the dresses or starve myself for a bit to wear the suit like the model wore it. For this collection, I would choose form over function any day!

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