Good grey areas at Foam Lab's Photo Town

Good grey areas at Foam Lab’s Photo Town

Jul 11, 2013 |  by  |  Art, Event
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As a twenty-five year old writer, hummusaddict, night decorator, Master student, secret girlfriend of James Franco and lover of thick books, I totally agree with the saying that wolves don't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.

Do you already know what my favourite events and places are? The mix-and-mingle ones. Say Hutspot because of its triangle of coffee, concept and creativity. Or Nachtlab Overhoeks because the DJ was also the painter. Herein are the vague grey areas not a weakness but a limitless pride. This weekend is going to be one of the summery Amsterdam kind, where there’s so much to do you’ll get stuck in the middle between an outdoor festival and a rooftop BBQ of your BFF. So let me make it easy for you: Foam Lab’s Photo Town this Saturday has everything you desire.

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Get lucky

Is it an exposition? Is it a musical gathering? The young team behind Foam Lab chose ‘market’ as the name for their precious event. Center of attention will be a team of twenty-five lucky photographers, presenting their images and selling them at good prices. Keep an eye on upcoming talent Sanja Marusic, who’s only twenty-one but portrays fashion as if she was born doing it. You think you’ve got a hidden talent and like to have a second opinion? Between 2pm and 5pm you can show your portfolio to a jury who promised to be nice.

I want it all

So far the main, but what’s on the side? Going Barefoot and Louise Akkermans will treat you with their acoustic sound, and later on DJs Floris and Anne-Marie (who?) will turn up the tunes. Pretend to be in the past by taking a picture with the Nostalgic Photographer, or jump in a scenery with the ever creative Paardenkracht. Get your freshly brewed espresso at De Koffiekar or score some Asian sticks at the Sate-man. My truly favourite miss Eva Pleeva will host the toilets like only she can do (Galerie Toilet). All this will take place in our Balinese oasis called the De Tolhuistuin, need I say more?

Foam Lab’s Photo town

When: Saturday July 13th, 12:00-22:00
Where: De Tolhuistuin
Online: facebook & website

photo town

Main photo by Sanja Marusic

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