Boost your knowledge with the Strangelove Summer Sessions

Boost your knowledge with the Strangelove Summer Sessions

Jul 11, 2013 |  by  |  Event
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The name's Ciaran, a 27-year-old guy who loves the idea of a discovery, even if it actually isn't one. Among many other Sherlock Holmes adventures, searching for art and music is what keeps me going. High Five!

Summers are meant for sun, festivals, vacations and education. Yes, education. Not exactly what you were expecting. But hey, everyone loves something that’s extraordinary. Strangelove is just that, extraordinary. A young advertising agency who build, communicate and accelerate brands and believe strongly in experimenting, learning and sharing. For this exact reason, they’ve come up with a great new initiative for ambitious students: Strangelove Summer Sessions.

What should you expect? An inspiring series of 3 evening workshops that give you a true insight into the world of innovative branding. Strangelove seems to be committed to providing students with a way to brighten up their summer. And they’re really going for it, inviting some international speakers to kick-start each evening and get things underway.

The sessions are meant for all students who have an interest in marketing, creativity, digital wizardry, strategy, communications and all that jazz. It looks like you’ll be gaining a lot from it, and it’ll probably be raining again by the end of the month anyway. All you have to do to sign up is click here. Too bad I’m not a student anymore…

Strangelove Summer Sessions

What: Strangelove Summer Sessions
When: Session #1 24 / 25 / 26 July, Session #2 28 / 29 / 30 August
Where: Strangelove HQ, Tweede Kostverlorenkade 68
Website: Strangelove Summer Sessions / Facebook event

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