Masculine men in WIJ by Project Wildeman

Masculine men in WIJ by Project Wildeman

Jul 4, 2013 |  by  |  Art, Event
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As a twenty-five year old writer, hummusaddict, night decorator, Master student, secret girlfriend of James Franco and lover of thick books, I totally agree with the saying that wolves don't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.

Tarzan is back. What? I mean the metro-man is officially stuck in the year 2010 and the masculine archetype is back on track. He can lift us girls with one hand and occasionally makes a proper oeh-ah sound. I’m sorry Wouter Bos, but leaving politics to take care of the dishes is no longer a go. In our Amsterdam streets this sex is drinking beer or whiskey again, and making filthy boob jokes with his male company. This trend is part of the new theatre performance WIJ by Project Wildman (Project Wildeman), during the Over Het IJ festival.

Goodbye me, myself & I

Let me explain. WIJ is besides manly also an experimental show, so no official scripts and a lot of participation from you as the audience. According to one of the brains behind, Milan Mes, it’s a search after a common feeling. Does this still exist in the individual society we live in these days? Have group activities become rare since hunting animals is no longer necessary? Mes and his co-workers try to find answers to this questions by creating a modern ritual of acting, poetry and mostly music.

Expect an experimental hour which might lead to a collective eye-opener about the new ‘we’. And for the girls? Who doesn’t like to get carried away in some lianas. Dare to join.

WIJ from project Wildeman

When: from the 4th to the 12th of July, see their playlist
Where: Verzamelpunt 9, NDSM-werf
Tickets: €15,-
Online: Project Wildeman & Over Het IJ Festival

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