Film Fetish Friday: Discussing Trance

Film Fetish Friday: Discussing Trance

Jun 28, 2013 |  by  |  Art
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As a freelance journalist, Anouk (26) usually writes about what other people do or like. In her precious spare time she watches arthouse films. Not a few. A lot, thanks to her trusted Cineville pass. Here she can finally share her film-fetish with the world.

Film Fetish Friday is back! Though in a slightly different format: every month Overdose’s beloved film critics Anouk and Steven will discuss a film over a nice cup of tea. Showcasing their brilliant sense for dialogue, the two critics will –following FFF’s classic formula– appreciate cinematographic pearls accordingly or slaughter sucky films. Without mercy, of course.


Anouk: ‘So, you finally picked the film.’
Steven: ‘I did! Extremely proud I was finally man enough to force my way.’
Anouk: ‘HAHA!’
Steven: ‘No pun intended.’
Anouk: ‘Why Trance?’
Steven: ‘Everyone was talking about Drive 2.0 with toy-boy Gosling, that just came out last week, but since I had seen it already and missed Danny Boyle’s new film Trance, I figured: why not! What are your expectations of Boyle’s new film?’
Anouk: ‘I do like most of his films and the story of Trance seems promising. An art heist, hypnosis, what’s real and what’s not and all that. Could be really cool.’
Steven: ‘I really like the casting, hope they will deliver. The ever awesome Vincent Cassel foremost obviously! Did you know Danny Boyle and Rosario Dawson, who is the leading actress here, dated while filming this? I read that in a magazine.’
Anouk: ‘WHAT?! I didn’t know about the dating! He’s so old and she’s so hot.’
Steven: ‘It is a little ridiculous, he is in his mid 50’s and she in her 30’s. True love I suppose.’
Anouk: ‘Maybe he is super funny.’ (…) ‘Let’s not forget James McAvoy by the way, The leading man of Trance.’
Steven: ‘Yes, let’s not! I really loved him in The Last King of Scotland.’
Anouk: ‘I only know him from Atonement.’
Steven: ‘I’ve read somewhere that McAvoy is now Boyle’s new favourite actor. He used to work with Ewan McGregor all the time, but McAvoy stole his spot.’
Anouk: ‘You do read a lot of gossip magazines.’
Steven: ‘I mostly look at the pictures obviously.’
Anouk: ‘Obviously.’
Steven: ‘But let’s go see and it and wel’ll know if McAvoy makes us forget McGregor.’



Steven: ‘It starts out pretty epic, maybe Boyle should direct the next Bond film.’
Anouk: ‘I forgot how much I love heist films. Maybe I should go to Pathé more often.’
Steven: ‘It is pulsing with loud music though, a little too much perhaps. The guy from Underworld is doing the soundtrack here, but maybe he overdoes it a little?’
Anouk: ‘True! We get that this is exciting stuff, no need for so much house beats. Good thing I like Underworld.’
Steven: ‘Are you hypnotized yet?’
Anouk: ‘I must say it interests me. But it’s all going a little bit too easy in this film, the hypnotizing I mean. And Rosario’s hairdo annoys me.’
Steven: ‘Totally understandable, she seems like a really great hypnosis practitioner though. I don’t really believe it exists truly, have you ever seen someone do it? Or being under?’
Anouk: ‘No! I actually think I am not hypnotisable.’
Anouk: ‘Wow, what’s happening?’
Steven: ‘I think I’ve lost them a little.’
Anouk: ‘Why do Dawson and McAvoy need to have sex? Or not? And what’s up with the electric shocks?’
Steven: ‘So many plot twists! It is making my head spin.’
Anouk: ‘The intimate ‘love’ scenes seem so out of place.’
Steven: ‘It is also slowing the story down a lot. Let’s focus here a little, we seem to be getting a pretty intense ending.’



Anouk: ‘Ok, I don’t get the ending.’
Steven: ‘Right so, what happened? Was it all in the mind perhaps?’
Anouk: ‘I don’t know… Rosario fooled every one? I feel unsatisfied.’
Steven: ‘I genuinely like Danny Boyle’s films, but this one seems to be all about style instead of substance.’
Anouk: ‘I really tried to get it all, but in the end all my hard thinking is not rewarded with answers.’
Steven: ‘Technically pretty awesome and it is pretty intense.’
Anouk: ‘True that. It reminded me a bit of Abre los Ojos, Eternal Sunshine and Inception.’
Steven: ‘It is very similar to Inception, although it lacks any real meaning.’
Anouk: ‘I totally agree.’
Steven: ‘That’s not good for our dialogue. Can’t you just say this film is super awesome? Or just say something about Israel.’
Anouk: ‘No.’
Steven: ‘Ok. Well, biggest problem for me if you think about it, is the lack of chemistry between all (if any?) protagonists. The love angle was not convincing at all.’
Anouk: ‘So true! Like the fact that they didn’t even talk on set.’
Steven: ‘Danny Boyle seemed rather busy filming Dawson’s naked body.’
Anouk: ‘Amen. Lets have beers.’
Steven: ‘All and all, a very disappointing film.’
Anouk: ‘Beers!’

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