Dio and Skip&Die battle at the Red Bull Soundclash

Dio and Skip&Die battle at the Red Bull Soundclash

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Musical fights have been around forever. From Bach and Händel duelling on the harpsichord, to the New Orleans jazz musicians, Jamaica’s sound systems and modern day rappers battling it out. A tradition that Red Bull is trying to keep alive with it’s Soundclash event in the Melkweg. Over four rounds two acts will try to outperform the other and in doing so win the crowds favour, with a decibel meter acting as the fair judge. Round one, let’s go!

After Snoop Dogg, The Roots, Triggerfinger, Moke, Erykah Badu, Go Back To The Zoo and De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig it’s now time for rapper Dio and tropical bass band Skip&Die to face off. Round one will be cover songs, round two means playing each-other’s music, round three is a theme round and in round four they’ll invite special guests to get that final edge. Both sides will be pushed towards their creative limits to win, so a spectacle is guaranteed.

Red Bull Soundclash

When: Thursday June 27th, 19:30
Where: Melkweg Rabozaal
Tickets: €15 (no membership needed)

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