Local Rockstars: 16 Bit Lolitas found their groove back

Local Rockstars: 16 Bit Lolitas found their groove back

Jun 13, 2013 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Whether you went out last weekend to check out an uber-geeky beat magician or a depressingly awesome indie rock band, we all know there’s always some serious musical talents rocking around the Dam. You might not recognize them all yet, but don’t worry, you will soon. In this series of interviews we talk to remarkable artists about their music and their inspirations.

Working together since 2004 and known for emotional, patiently crafted tracks such as ‘Murder Weapon’, ‘The Puppet Show’, ‘Sedna’ and ‘Nobody Seems To Care’, 16 Bit Lolitas have revealed a new work of musical art. 16 Bit Lolitas have found a deeper and darker path to surf through than we’re used to. They’ll be showcasing their transition at the next PRISMA get-together in Amsterdam’s favourite electronica temple Studio 80 on June 22nd together with Worakls (FR), Hubert Kirchner and Sivesgaard (DK) amongst others. I asked them some questions in advance, and they made a new exclusive free downloadable track in anticipation of PRISMA.

How has 2013 treated you so far guys?
“It’s been good so far. After having done two albums last year, we took a small step back to see and feel where we wanted to go with the 16BL sound. That took a few months but now we’ve found our groove again, to work on our next batch of tracks. We’ll give some of them away for free and release some on labels in different countries. We’re doing some non-dance projects that are keeping us busy as well.”

According to you, who is 16 Bit Lolitas and what do they sound like?
“We’re two fans of underground music that try to make and play the music we want to hear in clubs. The music we think will give people a great time. We don’t really fall into a category at the moment but I guess you could describe our sound as a kind of techy melodic deephouse. But what’s in a name!?”

Your hometown is Amsterdam, you’ve played in many of the better clubs around the Dam like Paradiso and Melkweg over the past 8 years or so. Yet, if I’m not mistaken, your next gig will be a ‘first’ for you, at PRISMA in Studio 80 right?
“Probably in a parallel universe we’ve already played there many times, but in this particular universe we’re still Studio 80-virgins. We’ve hardly played in the Netherlands over the last few years. We’ve been doing well in other markets and haven’t felt the need to push ourselves anymore here in Holland. We definitely would like to play more in our home country, if it happens naturally. That’s why we’re excited to play at Studio 80. We’ve heard nothing but good things about the venue and can’t wait to play some new music we’ve made.”

Your second home seems to be on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, at Praia Brava in Brazil. Not only is your name often closely linked to the club and label ‘Warung’, but you even released a double album under the name ‘Warung Brazil 2012′. How did this love story arise?
“For some strange reason, in pretty much all South America, our sound has worked really well from the beginning. Especially at Warung, one of the greatest places on the globe to play underground music and have a proper party. It was the right sound at the right time. More luck than skill, but it has always been an honour for us to be able to play our music there and be part of some of the best parties around.”

You produced an enormous amount of deep and melodic tracks over the past years, but back in the day your sound seemed to be more ‘progressive-ish’. How do you feel your music evolved, and what is your favourite style to play or produce?
“Our style evolved along with us as producers of underground dance music. We evolved along with the technology. More than 10 years ago people were still using a lot of midi equipment in making their tracks. Very different than what you can do nowadays with a modest computer and some software. So we started out making a style that was called ‘progressive’ back in the day. From there we just took our own path and didn’t really worry about labels. Basically, our main goal has never changed; to make and play music that moves people’s bodies and their soul.”

Do you prefer to spend time in the studio or on tour?
“They’re both cool in their own ways. It’s pointless making beats in the studio if you don’t get to play them out. And it’s much less fun only playing other people’s beats. The success of a good dance track can only be measured in clubs. There’s no feeling like rocking a crowd with a track you’ve just made.”

What was your latest genius discovery that you can share (artist or track)?
“We quite like Laura Mvula. Nothing to do with dance music, but cool music and a great singer.”

What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment up to now?
“Having any kind of career in music is our biggest accomplishment. We didn’t have a clue when we started. Not that we have a clue now, but we’re still here!”

What are your plans for the second half of 2013 and the near future? Where are you taking 16 Bit Lolitas next?
“We’re gonna release a bunch of new material very soon and are gearing up for a South America tour. But first we’re happy to play in Amsterdam again! Hope to see you there!”


When: Saturday 22nd of June, 23:00 – 05:00
Where: Studio 80
Tickets: Presale €13 here | Doorsale €15
Facebook: Event
Line-up: 16 Bit Lolitas, Worakls (FR), Sivesgaard (DK), Hubert Kirchner, Het Meisje, Florinsz Janvier, Romyn


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