The artist's personality is key at Unruly Gallery

The artist’s personality is key at Unruly Gallery

Jun 12, 2013 |  by  |  Art, Event
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A little while back I was quite chuffed when I had the opportunity to interview Niels “Shoe” Meulman. Since then, he and his partner in crime Adele Renault have been keeping me up to speed about a lot of interesting stuff they’ve been getting up to. One of those being Unruly Gallery, their little expo space just around the corner from the Westerpark.

Unruly Gallery

What started out as a group show back in May 2011, is now an established name in Amsterdam’s art scene. A trademark space for people who don’t think in boxes, who appreciate the edgy side of life and aren’t detained by the art elite. “The personality of the artist is key. Work is often linked to street-art or graffiti, but that’s definitely not a criteria for us. It’s the like-mindedness, that’s what we’re searching for,” adds head honcho of Unruly Job Sanders.

Unruly Gallery

A simple formula seems to do the trick: an opening once a month on Friday and then open Saturday and Sunday. “We’ve got quite an ambitious plan for this year, it’s going really well so far,” Job continues. “Unruly combines local and international talent. People come from all over the world to hold an expo here and that’s something we can really be proud of here in Amsterdam.”

Jasper Daniel Kerke

As luck may have it, this Friday is the opening of the first solo exhibition by the young artist Jasper Daniel Kerke. His work is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, an intriguing landscape of scientific ink formations. “My work is very multi-interpretable; it often leads people to look further than they usually would because they don’t always understand it at first,” Jasper explains.

It’s about studying the boundaries of your own perception.

“I’ve always been interested in how one takes in the world around them; a certain fascination for the way things are built up,” he tells me. The architectural aspect is also something Jasper looks for and plays with in his work. “It’s about studying the boundaries of your own perception.”

JDK work

Jasper’s technique is quite a process on its own. He mounts a special elastic latex material on wood and then strategically adds ink and soap to certain areas, which then shape their own way through the material. “I never know what the final result is going to be. It’s a constant balance between the initial element of control and the final surprise result.”

Expo Opening

If you want to come and check out the final results of Jasper’s work, stop by Unruly Friday evening for a beer and a chat. This expo is truly worth seeing in real-life, believe me. And if we can trust Unruly’s Job, it seems as though Jasper is quite the perfectionist in deciding on the set-up of his first show.

P.S. Sign up for the Unruly newsletter here to keep an eye out for upcoming exhibitions.

Flyer Unruly JDK

Jasper Daniel Kerke

When: Friday June 14th
Where: Unruly Gallery, Cliffordstraat 26
Event: Facebook
Website: Unruly Gallery / Jasper Daniel Kerke

Photos courtesy of Adele Renault.

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