Mixtape Monday: Hoax by Know V.A.

Mixtape Monday: Hoax by Know V.A.

Jun 3, 2013 |  by  |  Music
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A mixtape from an Amsterdam based DJ every Monday to kick-start your new week. Archive here.

These young guns started making music together aged 12, influenced by the L.A. beatscene, early dubstep and the ever changing UK sound. With their own productions they’ve created a sound that’s hard to put a label on. Their broad taste in experimental electronic music and innovative DJ sets earned them a residency spot at the Riff Raff nights. And together with Amsterdam’s finest DJ+ they also host the bass night HOAX in the Melkweg. There they’ve already invited artists such as Dorian Concept, Slugabed and Machinedrum, and at the next edition they will shine alongside Gold Panda!

Esta – WhatsItGnaMake
Evil Needle – Floatin’ with Louise
Sweater Beats – Magic
Know V.A. – Slowjamz
Know V.A. – Cloudy
Kingdom – Zip Line
Bosstone – Static
Evil Needle – Hakunetsu
Know V.A. – Juice
Raadsel & Grapes – Feet Clap
Know V.A. – Trippy
Know V.A. – Orange Air
Monky – Free Air
Neuropol – Dusky Brights
Know V.A.- You Make Me Float
C.Z. – Loud Ting
Mr. Carmack – Kahala, with Lakim
Evil Needle – My World
Guido – Woke up Early
Desto – Wizard of Wor
Casey Veggies – She In My Car
Kings – Year Of The Horse
G Jones – Smoke Rings
Know V.A. – Drums
Kanye West ft. Jay-Z & Big Sean – Clique (Groundislava Cool Mix)
Hesk & Paveun – If
Kode9 – Xingfu Lu
DJ Spinn – Studio
DJ Earl – Alive N Well
2tall – Beauty 2k13
Ticklish – Miscommunication
Cakedog – Cake Pon De Flo
B-Ju – All One
Grimes – Genesis
ARP 101 & Elliott Yorke – Fluro Back
Deft – Let’s Hook Up (Asthma) (Instrumental)

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