Next Monday's Hangover: Extrawelt, Ball&Baque & Trouw Op Zondag

Next Monday’s Hangover: Extrawelt, Ball&Baque & Trouw Op Zondag

May 22, 2013 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Too many plans for the weekend? Let me narrow down your options by suggesting some events where you can meet, dance and drink with Amsterdam’s finest crowds. After all, ‘a hangover ain’t worth the pain if the party is lame’. Here’s where you weekend warriors should go to for next Monday’s hangover.

Friday: Extrawelt Live @ Studio 80

Extrawelt! They’re back in Amsterdam. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Extrawelt is one of the biggest German minimal techno names of the last five years. If you’re into very deep minimal techno and electronics, you can’t miss out on these guys, specially cause they keep on renewing their ‘live’ thing. Support comes from Frenk Wiersma, Satori, Zwaan and Jan van der Lugt.

Friday: Ball&Baque (Ballenbak) @ Rosengracht 133

New party in town, always exciting! Prepare for a musical journey music variating from boogie to deep house with side stops towards electro swing and future disco. But this isn’t even their USP. No, the air at this party will be filled with colours, smells, fairytale-like decors, latex and most importantly: balloons. All they want you to do is prepare for a night to dress up, wonder, and behave like your true self (or whatever that may mean). Let’s just say we’ll leave it up to balloon artist Micha de Haan and his crew, who know how to set-up a decent ambience after setting festivals and events like Coachella, Nachtdigital, Time Warp, Valtifest, DGTL, Pleinvrees and Next Monday’s Hangover alight. Artists on the bill: Boogie Belgique, SHMLSS, Miss Melera, Jeebs, Makina and many more.

Sunday: Trouw Op Zondag @ Trouw

Ahh, Trouw op Zondag, still one of my favourite club concepts in town. You can grab a bite or do a dance with a crowd mixed with people freshly off the boat and others who’ve been raving for the last 12 hours. As always, their line-ups never let’s me down. The cool thing about this Sunday’s edition is that they are flying in the legendary DJ Harvey. This guy wasn’t allowed to leave the US for a long time due to some of his guilty pleasures, but that’s come to an end. For your ears, 5 hours long, this Sunday. On a side note, if you’re going, please check out Young Marco, I predict you’ll hear this name way more often in the near future. Enjoy the hangover Amsterdam.

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