Dust and Guitars: The xx at Heineken Music Hall

Dust and Guitars: The xx at Heineken Music Hall

May 19, 2013 |  by  |  Event, Music
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I don’t suppose The xx needs any introduction. They took the world by surprise in 2009, with their super-minimal but super-tense heart piercing songs, and have been one of the biggest bands out there ever since. The hype lasted long; there were covers, collaborations, awesome shows, they were unstoppable. But after a year or two, when the enthusiasm around the debut album finally started to fade, people started looking out for something new by The xx. What would the second album bring?

When the first snippets, demos and live videos started to appear, it was immediately clear that they had let themselves be greatly influenced by dance music. Probably mainly because of Jamie XX’s DJ shows, their songs evolved to a more clubby sound, but without losing the emotional intensity of their debut. The beats are slightly bigger, the basslines are more persistent in their drive, the build-ups more often rewarded with a climax. But it’s still very much The xx that your hear.

Tomorrow, they’ll be playing Heineken Music Hall, and I’d say it’s definitely worth going there. The xx on top of their game, combined with the amazing acoustic qualities of HMH; it can only end up giving you chills up your spine you won’t be able to shake off until Christmas. Admittedly, the ticket price is a tad high, but I’m sure they’ll put that to good use and give you a show you’ll never forget.

The xx

When: Monday May 20th, 20.00h
Where: Heineken Music Hall, ArenA Boulevard 590
Tickets: €35,50 (ex. service costs)
Info: Heineken Music Hall website

Feature photo shamelessly stolen from Pitchfork

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