Diynamic Festival, a love story between Diynamic and Studio 80

Diynamic Festival, a love story between Diynamic and Studio 80

May 8, 2013 |  by  |  Event, Music, Sponsored
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Deephouse label Diynamic and Studio 80 present a brand new, high quality spring festival at the ArenaPark in Amsterdam: Diynamic Festival. From Solomun and David August to Kollektiv Turmstrasse and H.O.S.H, the whole Diynamic family will be there. I spoke to Studio 80’s representatives Jaap Mutsaers and Wytze Dijk about this new full-blown label based festival in town.

How did you come up with the ‘big’ idea of throwing the first ever ‘Diynamic Festival’?
There are lots of reasons that led up to the decision of starting this project. Firstly, it fits with the new philosophy behind Studio 80, which is expanding this year into a more complete brand instead of a club only. We started with Welcome to the Future festival a few years ago, and last year we decided to move our infamous Diynamic label nights into a new warehouse during ADE, because the label absolutely exploded over the last two years. We had to acknowledge that the main floor of the club only holds a capacity of 350 people. It’s the strength of the club, but also a weakness in a way.

You say you’ve worked on a relationship with Diynamic, but a full-blown festival for a specific label is something very unique, can you explain why?
On one hand, the popularity of the sound has gone sky high. Not necessarily the sound of this specific label, but the new kind of deep house in general. On the other hand, it was a logical step for us; we were the first ones to invite Solomun and Stimming in Amsterdam as a club. Also the young David August had one of his first gigs with us. The label has been very successful around the globe, especially in the Netherlands and Brazil. Finally the two sold out Diynamic nights during ADE for 2000 people per night led up to the conclusion of trying this festival out in Holland for the first time. One thing they requested for was for this event to be an open air thing, so we found an outside location and Diynamic Festival was born.

You mentioned Amsterdam and Brazil to be one step ahead of the rest of the world for the Diynamic sound, why do we love them so much over here?
A full explanation would be hard to give you. All we know is that this new kind of deep house with lots of pop influences, has become very accessible here in the Netherlands. It contains lots of vocals, a slow BPM, catchy bass-lines and sometimes even a chorus. It’s a sound that did very well amongst the ladies and gays when it was still ‘underground'; the people that are usually the pioneers for the new trends that everyone will follow in the end. Finally, the sound works best when played outside in the summertime, when the vibe is positive and not necessarily dark, raw or obscure.

Tell me more about the relationship between Studio 80 and Diynamic. You mentioned some elements of your history together, but I’m curious of how you guys got in touch so early. Was it a coincidence?
I would have to give some credits to our radio host ‘Manoah’, who tipped them to me back then. We got in contact with Solomun and invited him to play for our Voidd club night. Shortly after that, Stimming, Kollektiv Turmstrasse and a complete label night followed. After some collaborations we basically became friends, more than colleagues.

Cool, tell me more about the location and the setting of the festival.
The location is ArenaPark, the place where the great GZG Zomerpark is held since a few years, next to the Heineken Music Hall. It has a metropolitan city feel to it, in between buildings and easily accessible by metro. It’s a location where you can really create your own world and get lost in a way. There’ll be two stages, one outdoor and one indoor, featuring strictly the Diynamic family only.

Tell me more about this ‘Diynamic family’. Some people might not know everybody who’s in it. Any surprises we’re not very familiar with?
We have to name Karmon of course, the only Dutch family member of Diynamic, and we’re proud of his achievements. Adriatique has been doing very well lately with lots of cool edits of classics, and of course we’re looking forward to one of the highlights being David August‘s live set for such a big crowd. We did a sneak preview earlier this year in Studio 80 and he sincerely blew our minds. Very mature of him, this guy can only go sky high in the near future. Lastly, one act worth checking out is Ost & Kjex, just Google a picture of them and you’ll understand why.

Will do, thanks for the interview guys. Any final thoughts or additions you want to share?
Keep your eyes open for the coloured Diynamic cubes in the next two weeks. Expect them at the festival but also in the anticipation process. Never before has there been such an event surrounding a single label, so you might not want to miss out on this worldwide first.

Diynamic Festival

When: May 18th, 11:00 – 23:00
Where: ArenA Park, Amsterdam
Tickets: €34,50 (here)
More info: Facebook event
Line-up: Solomun (DE) 3hr set, David August live (DE), Kollektiv Turmstrasse live (DE), H.O.S.H. (DE), Stimming live (DE), Uner (ES), Adriatique (CH), Karmon (NL), NTFO (RO), Ost & Kjex live (NO), Hunter/Game (IT), DJ Phono (DE), Thyladomid (DE)


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